Types of fireplace casings design


In the modern world with huge number of technical innovations very few people use classical fireplaces. In stylish interiors more often is possible to find only some elements of fireplaces – mostly its casings. For some people it is especially valuable to have in house the antique fireplace mantels which give to house that unforgettable comfort and cosiness created by an old fireplace. Of course right now there are plenty of new technological furnaces, which […]

Types of mantels for fireplace


The cast stone fireplace mantels this is an excellent option for interior design. Such design looking very restrained, laconically, but in same time has a refined style. The minimum quantity of detailsand monotone make this chimney board unostentatious for eyes, and easily entered in many design decisions. Low-key style, but on the other hand self-sufficient and royal look of this accessory for fireplace will take a shine to many judges of such sort of things. […]

A good decision for the large house design– coalfireplace

fireplace accessories
fireplace accessoriesfake-coalfireplace coverfireplace

Among huge variety of various options of chimney places, separately stands coal fireplace. Of course now such devices for heating are almost not in use, often they perform especially decorative function, but nevertheless their availability in the house is very much appreciated. By means of fireplaces it is possible to create some cosiness and comfort in premises. Even small spark very much attracts and bewitches and if a hearth also coal or wood then fire […]

Edwardian fireplaces – real found for fans of the English style


In the modern world the high-quality interior plays very important role, because correct and with taste the selected decor objects, not only have pleasantly look, but also often testify about material welfare and life quality of their owner. In the task of creating restrained and at the same time gentle and cozy interior, you can use the English style and its interesting part – edwardian fireplace, which is again gaining its popularity. The color palette used […]

Installation of fireplace – great way to emphasis the interior of house


Often the fireplace is the central figure in room therefore with paying a due attention to stone fireplace mantels you will be able to create the full design work of art which will become bright feature of all interior. Accordingly if you want to achieve a certain effect of the installed fireplace, then it is necessary to get acquainted initially with certain subtleties of styles and their combinations. Of course, it is possible to trust […]

Unusual and original decoration of a table


If you think about how to create a comfortable and cozy interior at home, then availability of tabletop fire bowl will be very opportunely. Such original fireplaces create the unconstrained atmosphere, the flame from bowl perfectly draws attention, weakens after hard day and give rein to ours imagination. The huge variety of such fireplaces, gives the chance to choose that option which will perfectly approach by stylistics to all interior. There is a set of […]

Features and variants of fireplaceframework


As the fireplace often holds central position in the room design and attracts a large amount of attention, its appearance must be faultless. The main part of this heating system is wood fireplace surroundsand therefore to its design treat with bigger fault-finding, than all other parts. Frameworks forchimney place can be on sale directly complete with heating system, but also there is always an opportunity to purchase them separately in specialized shop or by making […]

Fireplaces with zero clearance for saving of housing free space

zero-clearance-gas-fireplacezero-clearance-gas-fireplace-insertNapoleon Zero Clearanceazero-clearance-gas-fireplace-framing

If you have not enough free elbow-room for brick fireplace, then instead of it you with ease can install the zero clearance fireplace. This device is an irreplaceable symbol of the family hearth and cosiness. Located in the center of house it not only performs its initially conceived function – heating of room (with which it by the way copes very good and not worse than modern systems for heating), but also carries out a […]

Fireplace in small rooms


Zero clearance wood burning fireplace will be suitable perfectly for those who dint have enough place inside the house or for those who looks for an easy way of fireplace installation. Of course, many of us love a smell of burning logs, pleasant heat which spreads on all house, and also magically fascinating flame. The problem of installation of this device seems very heavy and can stop on the way to dream. And for some […]

Antique fireplaces and accessories to them


Such devices as antique fireplaces yet don’t lose their importance for fans of ancient valuable things. These devices have centuries-old history and unique nature because they were carried over from father to son. Therefore installation of such fireplaces in many classical interiors will be very opportunely. They will surely give to the design of room a part of luxury and originality. Antiquechimneyplaces can be executed in absolutely different stylistics and with use of various materials. […]