Antique fireplaces and accessories to them


Such devices as antique fireplaces yet don’t lose their importance for fans of ancient valuable things. These devices have centuries-old history and unique nature because they were carried over from father to son. Therefore installation of such fireplaces in many classical interiors will be very opportunely. They will surely give to the design of room a part of luxury and originality.

Antiquechimneyplaces can be executed in absolutely different stylistics and with use of various materials. Therefore it won’t be especially difficult to choose such device with a certain design. The main materials of which such constructions are made was wood, metal and stone. They are well combined with pieces of furniture and decor of classical interiors and are great addition for them. Such devices now aren’t used for complete heating of room. But nevertheless they will be applied to feeling of live heat proceeding from burning logs.


For high-quality work is used a number of objects which considerably will facilitate and improve efficiency of chimney place. Very important and sometimes irreplaceable tool is antique fireplace bellows. Such bellows are necessary in order that with then it is ease to kindle a flame in fireplace and also not to spend for this process a lot of forces and time. High-quality bellows usually made from such materials as wood, genuine leather and metal. Work of bellows is based on movement of boards and that fills sack which is made of genuine leather with metal tip on the end with air. Air, under pressure comes out thereby inflating the flame. Antique bellows are usually executed very laboriously and carefully. Therefore they can be used as separate subject of decor. One more important addition to the warming device is grate for antique fireplace. It protects the area near fireplace from ignition. It is very important device which must be in each chimney installation. If there is a time period in which work of fireplace isn’t required you can purchase the antique fireplace cover. Such covers made very qualitatively therefore chimney place with them will have harmoniously look and even not working fireplace becomes a full-fledged subject of overall picture of interior.

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