What you need to know about barbecue?


Often there is the confusion in difference of bbq firebox from grill or from another device for cooking products on coals. In particular, the barbecue is much more difficult device. Due to many features of design, barbecue allows to expand functionally the menu which can be prepared in such a way. The main benefit before a brazier is an opportunity to regulate distance between coals and products which prepare on coals. Such special option is very useful. When readiness of dish is already close, it is possible to increase distance not to overroast, and food didn’t burn down. Also during final pro-frying there is a gate which will help to reduce temperature if open it. This element regulates and changes draft of air. In addition to regular components of a barbecue the grate also can be very manifold. For example the thermometer taking temperature – it will significantly simplify determination of readiness of food. You will be able to be guided not only by own observations.

But the most important of all components is bbq firebox grate because it directly adjoins to food. Naturally, it is necessary to make sure that it is made of high-quality materials. Such element is one of the barbecues, main in case of the choice. Though the lattice is simple device, but has a set of advantages. Products are regularly fried thoroughly, and meat remains juicy, and at the same time is completely prepared. Also the worth mentioning is that you can purchase a special type of lattice which is intended for fish. Also this lattice is more universal in comparison with analogs. Distance between the upper and lower segment can be set easily. This is allows not to squeeze products for which is important that they remained juicy and not deformed.


Of course any self-respecting fan of a barbecue must have a full range of bbq firebox accessories. It will significantly simplify cooking of the most various dishes. For uniform ignition of coals and maintenance of identical temperature in all places the fans for bbq firebox will be the best tools. They are can be mechanical and electric both, but qualitatively they practically don’t differ. It will also facilitate preparation of products as it won’t be necessary to distract from products on fire maintenance.

Therefore having skillfully chosen suitable devices and necessary accessories for barbecue, you will be able always to please yourself, your friends and relatives with tasty dishes.


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