Cast stone fireplaces as not costly but beautiful decorative solution

cast stone fireplace mantels america

Observation of fire is really pleasant pastime and will become even more pleasant if to enjoy it with cast stone fireplace. The construction of all fireplaces is approximately identical: portal, cast stone fireplace hearth. Portals for them are made from the most different materials. The fireplace or fire chamber (fire box) is that part of chimney in which fire burns. There can be placed wood, coal or special types of fuel which burn without smoke. From below to the air duct connected with fire box and from above there is a flue. Also the upper part of the portal can carry out the role of chimney shelf but it is much better if it is separate wooden board. It will decorate a chimney place, make its type more complete and will help the chimney place to fit into a house interior better. Also you can installshelf for cast stone fireplace mantel to make interior more unique and convenient.

Modern fireplaces represented rather as decoration of interior than means of heating. And such modern material as molding marble is a good basis for this device. The molding stone (marble) is composite and eco-friendly material. It consists from the marble crumb, quartz sand, polymeric dye and other materials. The form is made by casting in special forms. In the beginning it has a liquid consistence, but after filling in special matrixes and dryings it hardens and keeps a form as natural stone.


The molding stone has many advantages before a natural stone. It has high resistance to attrition and impacts unlike enough fragile natural granite and marble. It means that molding marble isn’t scattered, doesn’t crumble and endure high temperature extremes, also when heating the artificial marble won’t evolve harmful to human health toxic connections. This material is antibacterial and also steady against household impurity (foodstuff, paint, ink etc.). Besides the molding stone has big decorative effect it can be any color and form. Antique cast stone fireplace of white color are especially good for this purpose because they look very gracefully and nobly. Such fireplaces can imitate various materials: onyx, marble, granite. Huge advantage of this material is also the price. The price of portals from molding marble is 10 times less than at analogs from natural materials.

Molding fireplaces — it is modern, beautifully, eco-friendly, innovatively. They deservedly gain popularity and shortly can completely replace chimney places from other materials.


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