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Among huge variety of various options of chimney places, separately stands coal fireplace. Of course now such devices for heating are almost not in use, often they perform especially decorative function, but nevertheless their availability in the house is very much appreciated. By means of fireplaces it is possible to create some cosiness and comfort in premises. Even small spark very much attracts and bewitches and if a hearth also coal or wood then fire in it will be bright and charming. The place near chimney place always served as a point of collection of whole family for an evening sit-round gathering, and it didn’t lose the relevance of this function and now.

However in order that the hearth qualitatively performed its functions, the correct and high-quality care of it must be provided. Therefore now there is a set of coal fireplace accessories which help with ensuring its correct work, and also preserving fire safety in the house. Many producers offer very many options of such means, but the main of them is fender and shutter which preventing ignition of space near chimney place. Another accessory –grateof coal fireplace is used to prevent scatter of embers and small sparks from fireplace on whole room. Such fenders can be executed in reserved style, or on the contrary are very richly decorated. Commonly these fenders are very skillfully forged in style of the chimney place and decorate it very well.


Also they can be on sale in complete set with fireplace or separately. Often they are custom-made, and also many users of fireplaces create diy such fenders with use of various technics. Another very important accessory is coal fireplace cover. Existence of this device is necessary to cover a chimney place during its period of non-use, for example, in warm season. Also, it is often used in order to prevent draft blowing from the fireplace chimney. This accessory can be made from various heat resisting materials but mostly it is metal. Usually decor of this device completely coincides with style of fireplace and doesn’t blemish its appearance at all, but conversely decorates it.

Therefore before purchasing of hearth, it is necessary to remember about existence of accessories to care of it, because they will not only help with the decorative plan, but also will be good protection against ignition and will work as additional barrier to draft.


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