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The copper fire pits are very unusual devices which are not only plays the decorative role but also perform a set of functions. These devices are often provided in several options. The most popular model is copper fire pit bowl. Such design is completely made of copper. This material is quite thin, but in same time rather strong and steady against mechanical damages. This metal isn’t suffering corrosion therefore such bowl has quite long working lifespan. Also such bowl has rather practical and convenient structure. Because a bowl quite wide and deep, it is possible not to worry about that flame will go out of its borders. It is also possible doesn’t worry also that the lawn will be damaged as the bowl is placed on the supporting framework. The supporting framework has several parts – it is the surrounding element into which the bowl and four legs is inserted. Elements of the supporting framework can be skillfully decorated, for example, by means of forging elements that perfectly supplements an overall picture of the device. The bowl often is not decorated as copper becomes covered by patina over time and looks very beautifully and originally.

One more widespread option of fire-pits is copper fire pit table. At the expense of such unusual design decision, the common table looks very originally. The design is a regular table, but with interesting addition – on the middle of a table-top the bowl in which the flame burns is established. Such bowl can be decorated by means of special heat resisting stones or crystals of different color. Also for ornament using various decorative elements which can remarkably imitate logs. With such table it is possible to create very comfortable and cozy rest area directly in the yard of country house. At such table you will spend a good time with your family and cheerful company of friends.


For better and safe operation of such devices there is quite big range of accessories. One of the most important and necessary is the cover which protects device from the external influence. Usually cover for copper fire pit can be purchased with set in which they will be in perfect harmony. The cover is executed from a strong grid with convenient hand hold.

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