Compact firebox stove – maximum comfort in the wild nature


It is unconditional that firebox stove is one of the most useful things in any backpacking. Thanks to high-quality materials and modern technologies the product is top-level and has mass of positive sides. From benefits and distinguishing properties on the market of tourist plates this should be noted by unprecedented compactness and simplicity in transporting. Therefore firebox plate is one of the best decisions in this category. Such properties and benefits are caused by materials from which the device was manufactured. High-grade metal allows the creation of thinnest plate, but in the same time it steady against damages, and conforms to all quality standards. The foldable firebox plate with ease can be placed in backpack and that makes it incredibly easy to use when transporting. The preparing firebox plate with ease is located in a shirt pocket that does incredibly easy to use when transporting. After having put it in compartment luggage of car if to you is often happen to go in the wild nature, you will be ready to any difficulties what can happen in your way.

In folding firebox stove g2 all responses and wishes of buyers were considered in order that the device became better and whenever possible completely satisfied needs of users. All small shortcomings were taken into account and defects are eliminated. Work on the device is directed on improvement and bringing adaptation to ideal. This model can be purchased with additional accessories (burner, fuel) which repeatedly increase its functionality.


For example, cup holder for firebox stove will make cooking safer and convenient. You won’t need to worry all the time that the mug will fall and your precious lunch in nature will be gone. Usefulness of such addition is absolutely obvious. Therefore you can choose one, two or even there more enhancements for plate firebox to improve the comfort and have more pleasure from cooking in the wild nature.

You can choose already ready folding firebox stove upgrade kit in which all necessary additional elements was entered for the maximum convenience. Such sets differ by complement therefore before acquisition, it is necessary to decide with model in advance. But with buying the maximum possible assembly you can be completely sure that you have everything that will be required for comfortable pastime in the conditions of the wild nature.


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