Damper for chimney place and its appointment


If you are happy owner of the fireplace, then most likely you know with what products from burning problems you can meet. So in any fireplace must be such special detail as fireplace damper. With its help ignition of flame and removal the products of burning can be made in quick time.

This screen by means of which draft is regulated located in the flue. In case of the beginning of ignition it must be opened for supply of oxygen and creation of flame. If screen is in closed position air to chimney installation won’t arrive. Draft will be absent and burning won’t be possible respectively. After the fire inflames by means of screen it is possible to conveniently regulate its intensity.


Such screen manufactured from material which is highly resistant to long impact of high temperatures. This material often is metal or different alloys of metals because they are more resistant to effect of high temperatures. Also the ceramics or stone can be used for this purpose. But they yield to metal in respect of working lifespan duration a little. By means of hinged construction the damper densely fastens to a flue creating thus the valvate mechanism which is operated mechanically. Such control can is exercised in several ways. The most ancient, inconvenient and seldom is fireplace damper plate. Such control mechanism most often can be met in designs of old antique fireplaces. The main inconvenience is that such device very quickly heats up from the working fireplace. Therefore adjustment of draft can be impossible in certain cases. This fact can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of smoke and soot creation. One more kind of firewood control is fireplace damper handle. This is quite convenient means which doesn’t require great efforts because with such device you able to regulate draft by force of pressing the handle. From power of pressing width of screen opening and force of air flow in fireplace depends respectively. Rather new mechanism is knob fireplace damper. This is very convenient means which regulates draft with one pressing and it is the most modern mechanism. Due its compact size device doesn’t take a lot of place and practically not noticeable in overall picture of the fireplace.

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