Fender as a practical element of protection from open fire


Obligatory element of any fireplace is fireplace fender. It is intended to make barrier from fire, but also can be used not only for this purpose. Due to its design, such element plays very important role in an overall picture of fireplace as its integral part. There is a huge variety various accessories for fireplaces at the market so it is possible to choose the most suitable for you without any problems. The main thing is in that the chosen variant must completely perform all its functions, and also be in harmony with other elements. But, of course, it is possible to find not only regular fireplace fender guard, but also many works of art made manually on order. A specific place is held by antiquarian things, they are tested by time, and with years become only better. But the most special device it is possible to make diy. If you have certain skills and tools, you can made a chimney lattice by own project and with complete confidence can say about uniqueness of this accessory for fireplace.

Purchasing the brass fireplace fender bench is also very interesting decision. In addition to accomplishment its main function, such version of chimney lattice combines in itself the place where is possible to sit. This is twice convenient, because it will be very pleasant to sit in cold evenings near fireplace which will always give a warm to you. On such chimney lattice with a bench it is possible to take place the company and to have a good time, talk about something under silent crackling of the burning logs. At the moments when such accessory isn’t necessary you can remove it from a fireplace with ease, but even without this bench still will harmoniously fit into an interior of all room.


Fenders are often made of copper, and this is no accident. One of features of a copper chimney lattice is almost unique property of material from which it was made. Copper has natural gloss, but near fire such interesting luminescence will be noticeable even more, creating fantastic atmosphere that will add additional impressions to already pleasant warm evening. Over time copper can become covered by patina that will give it effect of old times, and the lattice will be similar to antiques.

Therefore in case of skillfully chosen furniture for fireplace fender bench, you will be able to diversify not only appearance of the fireplace, but also create some noticeable practical improvements which shall be pleasant not only to you, but also to your family and guests.


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