Fireplace made of glass – great variant for modern interiors


To create comfort and coziness in their house many people install the chimney place. There is big variety of such heating devices, but fireplace glass must be allocated separately.

This device can be installed practically in any house or apartment. There are three kinds of such fireplaces. They can be “floor”, “wall” and “table” depending on their place of installation. Floor chimney places in turn are divided on stationary and portable. Stationary floor fireplaces very much remind classical. But in difference from usual, such device can be installed in any room. Portable floor fireplaces are often presented in the form of simple and difficult geometrical figures. Wall options are often presented in fireplace glass doors. Such fireplaces are mounted in specially prepared niche in wall.


The doors made of heat-resistant glass, perfectly protect from flame and don’t heat up. Similar doors can be often decorated with using of various decorative technics and elements. Therefore such chimney place is harmoniously fit practically in any interior. Chimney places table device looks as usual table, but with hole for fire in center. This is rather original accessory. It can be used as source of light instead of desk lamp and as small source of heat. Near such device it is very pleasant to read or eat food because by means of the dimmable lighting, device creates just fantastic and cozy atmosphere.

Glass chimney places are rather safe and very convenient in respect of their maintenance because as fuel is used gas or mixes of ethanol and bioethanol. Such fuel isn’t toxic and during work doesn’t extract any burning products. Therefore the glass fireplace doesn’t require cleaning by special means – damp cleaning will be enough.

There is large set of decor options for glass chimney places. Most often for this purpose crystals for fireplace glass are used. Such decor is placed inside fire chamber and perfectly masks details of gas installation if chimney places using gas. If fireplace uses biofuel, crystals are just filled with combustible substance which subsequently ignited. Fireplace glass stones are also very popular. They can be different sizes, forms and colors. Installationofstonesissameasforcrystals.


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