The fabulous tables with fire


Gas fire tablewas always one of the most interesting ideas for backyard. Such element of furniture has not only esthetic value as regular ornament. In addition to impressive appearance this desk also has broad functionality. Thanks to a flame which blazes directly on a table-top it is possible to be warmed or cook food. In addition, fire can become quite good replacement to artificial lighting at night.

But the main feature of this desk is unique visual style and atmosphere which it grants. Even just as the element of backyard or patio decor such table looks just amazing. The additional light source will add bright paints and fabulousness to landscape. Such property is caused by technical features of desk. Because there is no visible source thanks to which fire is formed, the visual effect blows the mind. In table-top there is a gas torch which provides an uninterrupted flow of fuel and fire burning. To hide this system special stones or heat resisting glass are used. With their help it is possible not only to cover technical component of a desk, but also in addition to arrange its design. With glass pebbles which can be the most various colors and shades, it is possible to decorate a table-top perfectly. Blue stones will create effect of ice, and red – lava. Thanks to such illusions, the desk and its fantastic flame in the visual plan surely will be unique and unusual.


There is a set of such tables. But the table and chairs set for gas fire pit will be the most practical option. You don’t need to care about purchase of the chairs suitable to a table, and also to care for gas torch correct installation. Thanks to such set you will have all components for arrangement place for leisure.

If you don’t plan suit a sit-round gathering with the big company, then it isn’t obligatory to buy a big table for this purpose. The gas fire pit coffee table outdoor will be excellent option for this role. Small dimensions and availability of all features makes such table the best in this category.

If material of which the desk is made is important also, then in this plan there is huge set of options. The assortment is rather wide, beginning from stone gas fire pits outdoor and finishing with marble. Strong, heat-resistant it is also naturally beautiful – these qualities are very important for any table. Therefore such choice as marble for table with fire will become one of the most successful.


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