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Large fire bowl is a convenient and available to any way to spend safely time near a campfire. This device can be installed directly in backyard or in house garden. The excellent decision for fans interesting in cheerfully spend time at nature near a fire.

The bowl device for fire is executed in such a way that allows making fire without damage to lawn and wooden constructions of the yard. At ignition of a usual fire from its sparks will surely scatter. They can lead to emergence of the wild fire or serious burns of skin. The basin is equipped in such a way that the flame won’t extend out of its limits. And some models are even supplied with a special cap from sparks.


There are a large number of options of such bowls. All of them differ by form, material from which they are made, type of fuel and also by size. Large fire bowl from metal are very popular because such material is very much high-abrasion and solid. There is a huge number of models which are decorated with forging or carving on metal. Such models, due to existence of interesting decorative elements, create just fantastic, magic atmosphere. Also large copper fire bowl looks very beautifully, due to effect fire reflections from its walls. This creates the reflections of light on which it is pleasant to watch. Such basins are also rather durable, and over time only become more beautiful. Also copper has property to become covered with patina and that add antiquity element in this design. Copper fiery bowls are in perfectly harmony with vegetation of garden or yard near the house because they are well supplementing full picture of a landscape.

Also there are models of fiery bowls for which different types of fuel are used. Of course ignition by means of wood is safer and environmentally friendly. But not always it is possible to prepare logs for the future campfire therefore these models of basins aren’t really convenient. Large gas fire bowl are more practical as for work of such models it is required only to install some gas equipment. Such option is more acceptable in respect of convenience as for work of a bowl it isn’t necessary to prepare logs in advance. It is worth only watch closely on the gas availability. The flame is very conveniently regulated therefore it isn’t necessary to worry that it will inflame more than desirable level. Such bowls are very often decorated with heat resisting, decorative stones which give them more viewy look.


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