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The multipurpose accessory the steel fire bowl will become an excellent ornament for your yard. These bowls are quite universal devices. They can be used as the independent device for ignition of fire or in complex with other elements. For example, such jorum is used as an insert for fire hole. In addition, the bowl for fire can be simply strengthened by bricklaying or garden stones. So that it is possible to mount such things absolutely differently. Everything depends only on requirements and your imagination. It will be pleasant to those who don’t want additional efforts, because this device can be installed and used at once.

Recently the fire pit bowl from stainless steelgains more and more popularity every year because it has unique set of functions and high convenience in operation. The main task of jorum is help to safe and convenient kindle of fire. Thanks to high walls of the jorum flame doesn’t extend from its borders, and can’t lead to the wildfire. Also with help of such device it is possible to cook food on fire or just to sit near it and have a good time on fresh air. In addition to all this the high-quality steel of which bowl is made will provide long working lifespan. This material resists high temperatures and isn’t deformed during its work. Also for transporting device from metal is less heavy than pig-iron or concrete bowls. Another plus is in that stainless steel doesn’t give in to corrosion and destruction. Therefore it is possible to leave a jorum from this material on the street at all seasons of the year. This option is very important for steel fire bowl insert. Such bowls are built in a fire hole or placed in bricklaying so and they can’t be easily transported. So it is desirable that the material of jorum was durable, and the construction for ignition of flame was good covered. It is worth remembering that due maintenance will significantly extend working lifespan of device.


Very useful is steel mesh fire bowl because it has more wide functionality than any other bowl in this category. Thanks to an additional element in form of lattice you easily can cool grill directly on the jorum. Such advanced model will please many fans of cooking of food outdoors and on open flame. Therefore it is quite logical that at these jorums have a lot of admirers worldwide. High-quality and broad functionality will be pleasant for many users.

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