Unusual and practical decorating of yardand apartments


To create the atmosphere of cosiness in apartments or backyard it isn’t obligatory to purchase expensive, intricate accessories. Availability of table top fire bowl makes possible to enjoy the comforting picture of the dancing tongues of flame which will always help to relax, have a rest. Near such design it is pleasant gather together with friends and close to you people.

This device by form and design reminds kettle or bowl which is mounted on a special table-top. This device often used gas run installation, for creation of a flame which can be adjusted with ease. Also in some models instead of gas run the firewood is used. Manufacturers of such devices, offers a large number of models differing by size and a decor. Depending on these parameters, the price and working lifespan of this product will vary. Small tabletop fire bowl is often used in living rooms where it perfectly fulfils a function as decorative adornment of the room. This is a great addition of many modern interiors which making the room more comfortable and cozy. Tabletop fire bowl can be decorated with various elements that are steady against action of high temperatures. And this is makes the device more interesting, original and effective. Also fiery bowls can differ by production material (glass, metal, ceramics and concrete). Due to its properties, device can be used for example, only indoors or on the contrary outdoors. For outdoor tabletop fire bowls are often made of materials highly resistant against external influences (metal, concrete and stone). Such devices are very convenient by possibility of fast serving to a table yet not cooled dishes. One more convenience is that such fiery bowls don’t demand special caring. Support of cleanness is carried out by means of using damp cleaning, without application of special means. The main conditions in care of fiery bowl are constant control of fuel and also periodic check of condition of the gas installation.


Considering all above-mentioned positive sides of this device, its installation will bring many benefits and joy to owner and his guests.

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