A good decision for the large house design– coalfireplace

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Among huge variety of various options of chimney places, separately stands coal fireplace. Of course now such devices for heating are almost not in use, often they perform especially decorative function, but nevertheless their […]

Antique fireplaces and accessories to them

antique fireplace bellows

Such devices as antique fireplaces yet don’t lose their importance for fans of ancient valuable things. These devices have centuries-old history and unique nature because they were carried over from father to son. Therefore […]

What you need to know about barbecue?


Often there is the confusion in difference of bbq firebox from grill or from another device for cooking products on coals. In particular, the barbecue is much more difficult device. Due to many features […]

Cast stone fireplaces as not costly but beautiful decorative solution


Observation of fire is really pleasant pastime and will become even more pleasant if to enjoy it with cast stone fireplace. The construction of all fireplaces is approximately identical: portal, cast stone fireplace hearth. […]

The variety of design for corner fireplaces


Actually such item as corner fireplace designs isn’t less important, than functionality of whole device. Many years ago the fireplace was an integral part of practically any house because chimney performed many functions. It […]

Fireplace made of glass – great variant for modern interiors


To create comfort and coziness in their house many people install the chimney place. There is big variety of such heating devices, but fireplace glass must be allocated separately. This device can be installed […]

The fabulous tables with fire


Gas fire tablewas always one of the most interesting ideas for backyard. Such element of furniture has not only esthetic value as regular ornament. In addition to impressive appearance this desk also has broad […]

Compact firebox stove – maximum comfort in the wild nature


It is unconditional that firebox stove is one of the most useful things in any backpacking. Thanks to high-quality materials and modern technologies the product is top-level and has mass of positive sides. From […]

Fender as a practical element of protection from open fire


Obligatory element of any fireplace is fireplace fender. It is intended to make barrier from fire, but also can be used not only for this purpose. Due to its design, such element plays very […]

Fire pit burner – device for creation of the improvised bonfire or fireplace


If you like to spend evenings in a circle of the company near a fire, but you don’t want every time to look for the place for flame and to buy means for it […]