Modern analogue of classical fireplace


Stone electric fireplaceamaze with their functionality and wide assortment because in difference from habitual classical fireplaces which our ancestors used electric has unique advantages. First of all for its installation you don’t need to […]

Insert fireplaces – guarantee of comfort and good heat generation


Most likely you already heard about popularity of ventless fireplace insert. The secret of success of this modern device is in its unique properties. First of all it is worth mentioning convenience in mounting […]

A classic wood-burning fireplace

two sided wood burning fireplace insert

Not so long ago woodburning fireplacewas integral part of many houses. It was difficult to imagine the dwelling without such important component. Earlier it was need, but today the initial purpose changed a little. […]

Fireplace in yellow house!

Fireplace in yellow house
Fireplace in yellow house

Take a look at this beautiful house with interesting place for fireplace.