Edwardian fireplaces – real found for fans of the English style


In the modern world the high-quality interior plays very important role, because correct and with taste the selected decor objects, not only have pleasantly look, but also often testify about material welfare and life […]

Fireplaces with zero clearance for saving of housing free space


If you have not enough free elbow-room for brick fireplace, then instead of it you with ease can install the zero clearance fireplace. This device is an irreplaceable symbol of the family hearth and […]

A wonderful alternative of traditional fireplaces

contemporary-electric-fireplace-stovedimplex-modern-electric-fireplaceAstonishing Contemporary Fireplacecontemporary-electric-fireplace-insert

Installation of classical fireplace in modern apartments is quite difficult for number of various reasons. Existence of home chimney is very desirable to many people therefore there is a fine alternative –contemporary electric fireplace. […]

The variety in the style of modern fireplaces design


Now to replace classical style of fireplaces decoration come the contemporary fireplace mantels. Such tendency has begun some years ago when modern style came back and soon transformed into hi-tech style. There was a […]

Incredibly convenient tabletop grill


If you are often preparing a grill then most likely you already think about acquisition of fire pit grill table. And it is quite clear because thanks to such device it will be much […]

Modern corner gas fireplaces


Corner gas fireplace is an excellent option for installation in small apartments. Because often mounting of traditional chimney places in multiple-dwelling houses are hard to be made, but many inhabitants want to set this […]

Bright element for fireplace decoration


Now there are a large numbers of accessories for fireplace and one of them are decorative fireplace screens. It will be a great room protection from coals and flame sparks. In addition to protection, […]

Fireplace boxas very important and necessary element of the heating device


Fireplace boxis the most important part of any fireplace because in it happens combustion of fuel with the subsequent allocation of heat which warms up the room. There are rather large number kinds of […]

An interesting variant of the modern fireplace


Installation of classical fireplace in the normal multi-storey building is unattainable luxury. But it is not the reason to be upset, fireplace candelabrais an excellent solution for this situation. Such false-fireplace can be installed […]

Construction ofthe fireplace – exciting and interesting employment


Fireplace constructionis rather difficult and costly work which not everyone is able to afford. However if after all you still decided to make it, then finally it is possible to receive excellent result. Before […]