Prefabricated fireplaces – an incredibly easy-to-mount constructions


Most often fireplaces divide on the classical with bricklaying and prefab fireplace. The main feature of prefab fireplaces is the modularity. This is means that they consist from separate details which with ease can […]

Elegant victorian fireplace – good purchase for room decor

victorian fireplace hearth tiles

Thevictorian fireplace is the embodiment of classical English style. It since the Queen Victoria rule was necessary in any dwelling, and its value was indisputable. Earlier the fireplace was an obligatory element of any […]

Beauty in simplicity of modern campfire pits


If you like refinement and laconicism in everything, then modern outdoor fire pitis what you need. Such fire-pits are definitely differing from the others by recognizable, distinguished style. The design is successfully balances between […]

Fantastic fire pits


If you thinking a long time about acquisition of natural gas fire pitsthen you shouldn’t doubt in your choice. Such device is rather simple, but on the other hand has tremendous unique options. Benefits […]

Fire table for outdoors


In the modern world for urban dweller to have a rest with watching fire is the true exotic. Now all this is solved by means of outdoor fire table. Fire tables are multi-function and […]

A place for fun and pleasure


Patio set with fire pit tablewill be perfectly suitable for fans of rest on the fresh air. This set includes everything that is required for good pastime with the company of good friends. The […]

Reliable protection for the fire pit


Round fire pit coveris universal device. During fire creation inside the fiery bowl, such cover perfectly protects you from sparks and smoke. Also it is very convenient to use this cover for protection of […]

The best photos fireplace decor for your house

mirror wall tiles over brick fireplace decor
Gallery Images of Brick Fireplace Decor IdeasFireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas Home Design PhotosDecorating Ideas and Fireplace Decoratingfireplace decor flowers

Fireplace decor is a very important part of the room design. Whenever you decide to get such piece in your room, you will need to spend a lot of time contemplating how to decorate […]

37 a lot of pictures fireplace tiles

Modern fireplace with offsetting color tiles contemporary
fireplace tiles contemporaryTile a Fireplace OverviewOriginal hearth with new tile installationfireplace tiles victorian

A great way to decorate your fireplace is to use fireplace tiles. Most people like to go for bricks, stone, limestone, wood and metal. Some opt for no surrounds at all. But many forget […]

Take a look a 33 photos ventless fireplace

Eco-Feu Ventless Fireplace
Custom Ventless Fireplace Vent-Freventless fireplace mantelModern Ventless Fireplace Insertventless gas fireplaces Glen Burnie

A ventless fireplace doesn’t have a flue or a chimney and is a standalone unit. This is a very comfortable option for home owners, whose house is not designed to accommodate a hearth. These […]