The best 34 fireplace designs for your house

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Stone Fireplace Designs to Warm your HomeFireplace Mantel DesignsFireplace Designs by CHEMINEE PTY LTDfireplace design ideas image

If you have decided to get a fireplace in your room, you will need to spend a lot of time contemplating the fireplace designs. Many of the hearths, especial the inserts, are sold to […]

You can see 30 photos modern fireplace

Marquis Infinite Gas Fireplace modern-living-room
Modern Fireplace modern-living-roommodern fireplaceContemporary Fireplace Home Design Photosmodern fireplace design

When you are thinking about a fireplace, you must be imagining something large and made out of stone. However, a modern fireplace will surely surprise you. If you are into modern room styling, you […]

Stone fireplace for home decoration

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Favorite Field Stone Fireplace DesignsAn Example Of The Comiso Faux Stone InstalledNorstone Stack Stone Fireplacenatural stone fireplace

A stone fireplace is an amazing idea for large living rooms. These models look very impressive and give your room’s atmosphere a special feeling. The warmth such hearths emanate even without being turned on […]

You can see 30 fireplace mantel

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DIY Fireplace Mantelmarble fireplace mantelfireplace mantel kitsfireplace mantel designs

If you are about to get an indoor hearth, you are probably choosing a fireplace mantel as well. This decorative feature, which will surround the actual piece, is very important to the way you […]