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One of the most pleasant things in summer is to invite relatives and friends on visit and to sit and communicate around diy fire pit table. This is very pleasant feeling to watch on fire which will want to be tested by everyone. It is possible to make such desk by own hands and therefore let’s try to analyze some options of these tables.

Such desks are convenient, multipurpose and ideally fit into interior. They have several advantages before regular garden braziers and barbecue. Mostly construction of such diy fire pit table for outdoor is portable so they can be delivered to any the place convenient for you. Such desks give the chance to watch on fire, helping to kept lawn and terrace in safe. Besides all fire tables which were made diy have unique design.


Construction and production of such tables are rather simple. The basis of such tables is the framework made by depending on model from steel, wood or concrete. Concrete fire pit table is more massive than other and because of their massiveness for some people it can be less convenient because it is quite difficult to install and transport them. After creation of framework it is necessary to be determined with material for a table-top. Most often they are done of metal, concrete, marble or ceramics. It will be better and more convenient to make a fire-table of metal, having decorated a table-top with wooden plates. The desk can be on legs or can have the massive continuous basis (for example, heavy concrete tables). In the center of table-top is located the most important element of fire-table – a bowl in which fire will burn. Bowls usually have a hemispherical form, and it is necessary to make them from thick metal. Such metal will be steady against fixed action of high temperatures. Moulages of firewood, smooth pebbles and color fire-resistant glass can be accessories in such bowl. It is possible to decorate the basis of tables with facing stone.

Depending on fuel allocate two types the fire-tables: on wood fuel and diy gas fire pit table. In tables on gas the liquefied propane in bombs is most often used. The bomb is placed under a bowl, when the basis is mounted. In self-made desks as combustible material it is simpler to use firewood, because system of tubes must be absolutely hermetic.

Fire-tables are the excellent decision for those who like to watch on fire and also be the great decoration of the backyard. And still they are rather rare now, having made such desk, you will make your house really unique.


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