Bellows– an integral part of fireplacequality work


If you think about purchasing and installation of fireplace, you shouldn’t forget that its long-term work requires careful maintenance which is carried out by means of special accessories. One of the tools that facilitate work with fireplace is the fireplace bellows. This accessory serves as a means to blow the coals to the flames burst into a blaze fast as much as possible. Since the work of fireplace bellow is quite important and needed very often, it is advisable to select the best possible quality version.

Classical bellows are made from high-quality wood which can be varnished or processed by any production method (covering by special means for protection against fire, rotting or moisture). Expensive breeds of wood are often used as they don’t require replacement a long time. Also in a classical design of bellows is used genuine leather due to which availability of air fluctuation is formed during manipulation with wooden handles. Skin is also covered with various tannins and protection features from fire.


There are very many various fireplace bellows plans which considerably differ from each other. The sizes of bellows according to their functionality also differs –because as larger the device, then more powerful and rapid flow of air will be able to blow on glowing coals of the fireplace. There are can be tiny and rather big variants which must be selected according to the fireplace size. Also wood species and thickness of the bellows planks have significantly affect on the price of product. And the most important – bellows are very much differs in art of decoration. Cheaper options are often presented in more reserved style, without use of valuable jewelry. More expensive versions of bellows are decorated by valuable wood species with use expensive technics of decor, and quite often represented as objects of art. For fans of valuable and ancient things gift in the form of antique fireplace bellows will be excellent option. Such bellows often aren’t used for their intended purpose – they just carry out a role of valuable subject of an interior which is in perfectly harmony with fireplace and furniture.

Existence of such accessory for a fireplace as bellows is not only prestigious and fashionable, but also very convenient. Therefore by getting this device, you will have not only just a beautiful accessory, but also quite original functional appliance.


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