Alternative heating in the form of fireplaces with solid fuels


Solid fuel fireplaceis one of the most environmentally friendly systems for heating because for such fireplaces the safest for environment fuel is used. Most often it is coal, peat, slate, wood and its waste, briquettes. Also, pallets can be used if there is special equipment for them. All these combustible materials have natural origin therefore their burning is minimum pollute for ozone layer. And with that efficiency of these devices isn’t less than other sources of heating have. It makes firebox on solid fuel to be one of the best in the category. Using of such fire chamber isn’t limited on heating of one room in house because such type of chamber can be used as multi fuel stove back boiler central heating. This is allows to heat not only one-two rooms, but even a whole house so it is especially convenient to use such device in the form of alternative type of heating. If you have no heating or central heating systems cannot be connected to youк house, or their work simply does not suit you then such option would be the best solution. In some sense such type of heating is even cheaper and safer. Therefore perhaps these fire chambers can be suitable not only for country lodges, but also for private houses.

Such fire chambers will perfectly look in rooms with any interior. It is possible thanks to solid fuel fireplace trim. With it you can arrange chamber as you want and that will make such furnace rather universal. Any your wishes and plans of interior design will be realized. Fire chamber won’t prevent it at all, and in case of desire it can be the bright interior decision. Firebox on solid fuel leaves about itself impression as very practical device. But you shouldn’t be mistaken, even such thing, remote from common design style can become decoration of house. Thanks toback panel for solid fuel fireplace you will be able to decorate this heating device in any desirable style. Whether it is classics or modern style, art deco or minimalism, you will be able easily to change absolutely regular fire chamber.


At first sight seems that fire chamber on solid fuel is rather simple device. But some benefits make it one of the best acquisitions in this segment. Unique combination of properties like: energy efficiency, safety and universality become the main benefits of such fire chamber. And all abovementioned allows it to be best option of alternative heating.

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