Mantelshelf– essential part of the interior


Fireplace shelf is a remarkable addition and decoration part of almost any fireplace. It makes a fireplace more attractive as interior element, and also can be an excellent place for installation of interesting objects for decor (figures, photos and vase).

There is a set of options of shelves design. The most convenient variant is fireplace mantel shelf because these elements are executed in one style and have very harmoniously appearance. Also it is very convenient if the casing and shelves go on sale together, so they will be surely combined among themselves and suit by the size at one another. If you want to buy a mantelpiece separately, then it isn’t always possible to receive that final option which will conform to fireplace stylistics. All shelves are very much different by style and decor. Now fireplace shelf mantels modernstyle is very popular, they are the most suitable accessories for modern fireplaces. Such shelves most often are made like minimalistic components of a fireplace on which can be placed pictures or photo but in general they remain empty. Regiments for classical fireplaces are always beautifully decorated with various technics like forging or woodcarving. They often have a variety of decor elements which match to the classical interior.


Shelves can be made from different materials. It can be stone, ceramics, wood, iron, plaster, glass and much another material. Wood fireplace shelf is always very practical and convenient option which conforms to many various architectural styles and interior designs. Such mantelpiece can be fastened to the wall together with casing or be hanged by means of special hinges which can be also interestingly decorated. Shelves on the hinges are very convenient for leaving and replacement in case of breakage or any damage. The wooden mantelpiece can be executed by own hands in the presence of small tool kit and huge desire of creation such device. The basic rule about which you shouldn’t forget during work is that the mantelpiece must be covered with fire-resistant means. In result of your work the mantelpiece will be able to cause more positive emotions than that which has been acquired in shop or ordered from the Internet.

At the choice of the mantelpiece for fireplace it is necessary to consider all aspects which are refer to decor and care of it in order to the end result will able to please you for a long time.


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