Limestone as a material for lining of fireplaces


For lining of fireplaces the most various natural and artificial materials can be used. The most widespread is wooden, granite, brick, marble and limestone fireplace. Due to properties of these facing materials such heating devices have presentable appearance and focus general attention on them.

Limestone is a solid with an organic origin which has the mass of positive sides. It has not only an attractive appearance, but also has useful, curative properties. This material is hypoallergenic, and can serve as antiseptic of air too. Therefore existence of such solid in the house as lining of fireplace will be extremely useful to health of owners. Fireplaces from such material are very qualitative and beautiful and limestone as material is very strong and durable. Kinds of limestone can be found in a large number. Externally they can differ on density and texture of material. There are options which have inclusions of cockleshells which do lining even more original and unusual. If for lining high-grade solid is used, then surroundforlimestone fire will have white or grayish shade.


Such color of limestone visually makes the room lighter and broader. This rock can be well combined with classical and with a modern interior both. Also thanks to such warm shades of fireplace lining the room is filled with light and cosiness. In it will be always possible to spend the time with comfort.

The limestone fireplace surrounds for wood burners looks just remarkably because this variant is the most environmentally friendly as during burning in such fireplace there is no release of toxic substances. Near fireplace it is pleasant to gather with big company and to have a good time, enjoying quiet crackling of logs.

Fireplaces of limestone can be equipped with additional elements. They not only making better their appearance, but also do them more practical. For example, limestone fireplace mantel shelf can be used for decoration of the heating device with various decor objects. The fireplace always takes the predominating place in the room drawing to itself much attention. Therefore installation of decorative elements on its shelf will be very opportunely because they will be always on the public eye.


In case of lining material choice for a fireplace it is worth being guided not only by external data. Still it is necessary to consider its durability and ecological compatibility. Therefore natural materials are very popular for use to such purposes.

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