Marble fireplace – the perfect solution for comfortable interior


If you thought about delightful design of the room with fireplace, then marble fireplace mantel will become its best decoration. Scientists noticed that marble was extracted used in life by our ancestors since ancient times. It was the symbol of wealth, power and high rank, such expensive material could afford not many. And now, today marble didn’t lose the value for people, and thanks to its special natural characteristics is highly valued during many centuries. Such stone has solid resistance to mechanical damages, thermal differences, and also over time doesn’t lose a former type that does it is irreplaceable in case of production of high-quality facing materials for fireplace. It easily gives in to handling and grinding.

Thanks to antiseptic properties, marble has antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. It was noticed long ago in ancient times and using this material for baths because high demands to hygiene was required there. All physical benefits made marble the best material which is used for fireplaces. But, of course everything has its minuses, therefore it is necessary to be ready that marble easily contaminated by colored liquids (tea, coffee, wine) so there can be undesirable traces which will spoil appearance of all fireplace. In case of ingress of these liquids you must fast as possible eliminate them from the surface of marble.


The vintage marble fireplace mantels were always special chic even among the most expensive models of any material. Ancient chimney casings which are property of all house and family with every decade only become more highly valued.

There is a set of marble shades, but one is the standard – color which symbolizes this material. White marble fireplace mantel is classics of decoration. The design of such siding is already used many centuries and still urgent to this day. Also special chic is the marble fireplace mantel with statue. Statues are the canonical element of renaissance and this era was famous for reverent attitude to art and to person as to a cult. Therefore installation of the fireplace in such style will emphasize refinement and pathos of your house.


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