Wood burner as excellent form of individual heating


Wood burning firebox can be a quite full replacement for gas heating systems. Such fire chamber has rather simple design but on the other hand this device is very energy efficient. It will be able to warm the several rooms or even a whole house freely. In some houses this type of alternative heating is only-begotten from all possible.

With many years of technological progress the wood burning firebox insert became more convenient in application and much more perfect. Today it isn’t so difficult to equip the house with such system. Of course if house design and fire safety allows to make this. The wood fire chamber in the insert form is located in prepareв in advance area for a chimney place. Therefore it is necessary to think about compatibility of these components and also about ventilating ways. There is a set of various sizes and forms of the fire chamber therefore to choose suitable not so difficult. For more difficult situations there is an option of production of the fire chamber on individual order. The manufacturer will consider all features of the house and also all your wishes, regarding to form, sizes and capacity of the fire chamber. It is very important because if there is not enough capacity of fire chamber then the energy efficiency of all system will be doubtful. Moreover, if the wood fire chamber is not a main type of heating it is necessary to consider total effect from two sources of heat and also to take care about corresponding ventilating capability of the house.


In addition to classical models of wood fire chambers there are also many non-standard variants. For example, double sided wood burning fireplace insert with blower. At the expense of several windows you have an opportunity to throw up logs from several chimney place sides and also you shall have ability to admire the burning flame practically from any point of room. It is very convenient for big rooms because fireplace placed in the middle of them will be able completely and regularly heat it. Also such fire chambers can be placed on two rooms. Therefore it is possible to support flame and to enjoy its view, without going to the main window of fireplace. This decision will be estimated rightly by the owners of large number of rooms and big houses.

The alternative decision for small houses and also an additional source of heating can become the wood burning firebox with small size. Such fire chambers are very convenient if you don’t need full-size fireplaces. They are perfectly suitable for decoration of rooms and will be in harmony with many modern interiors design.


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