Varieties of the fireplace inserts and importance of their correct choice


Basic element of any chimney place is fireplace firebox. Therefore it is required approach to its choice with the maximum responsibility because due to its work comfort and cosiness from whole fireplace are provided.

Walls of chimney fire chamber are made of strong, fire-resistant material and further working lifespan depends on its characteristics and also quality of work of all heating system. More often you can found the pig-iron or bricks fireplace firebox. Such fire chambers have the mass of distinctions which concern technical characteristics and working lifespan of a fire chamber. In respect of technical characteristics fire chamber very much differ in the fact that brick are open products and pig-iron closed, hermetic. Therefore terms of heating of rooms and maintenance of permanency of temperature in them are discord. Brick fire chambers heat up very quickly and give heat also quickly enough. What can’t be told about pig-iron products which slowly heated and give away their heat quite slow too. As for working lifespan brick fire chambers qualitatively function has very long term and with that pig-iron can’t brag. With times the pig-iron fire chamber can see service and that leads to deformation of some details. Therefore they often require repair or even replacement.


Also chimney fire chambers very much differ in respect of a decorative component. For example, in traditional, classical interiors fireplace firebox tile is quite often used. Such decision is very conveniently for the fact that it is always possible to choose a tile of that sample which approaches under a certain interior. The tile can be monophonic or with any drawing. Also you with ease will be able to decorate a tiled covering diy and that will make your fireplace even more original and interesting. In case of damage of tiled covering or in emergence of any deformation its replacement won’t cause many difficulties. In modern interiors wide popularity have the fireplace firebox paint. Because due to its design such paint have quite laconically and accurately look. Also by means of such decision for fireplace it is possible to place bright interior emphasis or on the contrary to turn it into less bright element of a decor.

Therefore for fireplace good work you shouldn’t forget about its main element – fire chamber. This device in case of the correct matching and high-quality maintenance will ensure long and effective functioning of whole heating device.


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