Original decoration for your yard


The multipurpose accessory the steel fire bowl will become an excellent ornament for your yard. These bowls are quite universal devices. They can be used as the independent device for ignition of fire or in complex with other elements. For example, such jorum is used as an insert for fire hole. In addition, the bowl for fire can be simply strengthened by bricklaying or garden stones. So that it is possible to mount such things […]

The variety of steel fire rings


You like to watch on flame, got fire bowl, but there are problems with its work? Perhaps your center needs to be equipped with steel fire pit ring. Simple steel circles protect the center of fire-bowl or bowl of your fire table. Establish such circles for protection of the center against wind and water hit. Also they help to keep form of hearth. Besides protective steel circles are necessary for big centers isolation around them […]

Modern analogue of classical fireplace

electric-fireplace-logs-with-heatercorner-fireplacesentertainment-center-with-stone-electric-fireplacewall mount electric fireplace under tv

Stone electric fireplaceamaze with their functionality and wide assortment because in difference from habitual classical fireplaces which our ancestors used electric has unique advantages. First of all for its installation you don’t need to collect so many documentation and permissions as for regular fireplace. Also it is possible that for the house in which you planning to mount classical fireplace it is impossible to get such permission. It is caused the fact that many constructions […]

Insert fireplaces – guarantee of comfort and good heat generation


Most likely you already heard about popularity of ventless fireplace insert. The secret of success of this modern device is in its unique properties. First of all it is worth mentioning convenience in mounting and operation. In this plan such fireplaces are more advantageous in comparison with traditional chimney places. Installation of classical chimney places requires a set of permissions and they are rather exacting to installation conditions. Before setting such chimney, at first it […]

Cheap built in gas fireplaces


Modern ventless gas fireplace insertthis is new trend among heating systems. Thanks to comfort and universality it is possible to call this type of a chimney place one of the best in this category. It is caused by the fact that the used modern technologies considerably improved the high-quality side of gas heaters. At the expense of this today it is possible to choose an energy efficient and functional chimney place with ease. In addition […]

A great alternative to the classic fireplace


Sometimes ventless propane fireplace is the only possible option for installation chimney in the house. You shouldn’t be upset if you have no opportunity to mount a classical chimney place. Fireplaces without ventilation are much more convenient and cheap option, among many others in this category. So the decision in favour of such chimney places can be acceptable for many people. Not in all houses it is possible to establish a habitual fireplace. House layout […]

Convenient wall mounted gas fireplaces


Wall mounted gas fireplace will be good option for those who appreciate simplicity and convenience. These chimneys have mass of benefits. Thanks to modern design and construction, it is possible to say that they one of the best in this segment. In comparison with classical fireplaces they are much simpler and more comfortable in use. It is caused by the fact that gas fireplaces don’t require so many permissions on their installation. Installation of such […]

Variants of modern fire pits

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Outdoor Greatroom Companyfire-pit-table-set-ideasoutdoor-fire-pitspropane-patio-fire-pit

The wood burning fire pit kitswill help you to equip with ease the place for fire ignition. Such zone will be completely isolated therefore you shouldn’t worry about the equipment for fire safety. Thanks to barrier fire will not go out of it borders. But nevertheless it is desirable to take place for fire-pit with great responsibility. In particular, it is necessary to be sure in that the flammable materials aren’t near. There are different […]

A classic wood-burning fireplace

stoves-on-pintereswood burning fireplace blower insertwood-burning-fireplacewood-burning-fireplace-design

Not so long ago woodburning fireplacewas integral part of many houses. It was difficult to imagine the dwelling without such important component. Earlier it was need, but today the initial purpose changed a little. Today the fireplace turned into a decor element. Therefore it is quite clear that together with time also the relation to chimney place was changed. Now there is set of their types from quite habitual wood to electric and false-fireplaces so […]

Outside fireplace for your backyard

outside fireplace pictures
outdoor-fireplace-minnesotaOutdoor Fireplace Landscaping Home Design Photosoutside fireplace plansImage detail for -Outdoor Fireplace

An outside fireplace is a wonderful way to extend your outdoor season. It is a great idea for people who have a large backyard and like to spend a lot of time on their porch. While the outdoor time spending usually ends in the beginning of fall in most regions, the hearth will allow it to be extended for a much longer period of time. There are many different design ideas, which can be implemented […]