Double sided fireplace an unusual solution for a large rooms

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If your house is large, you can consider getting a double sided fireplace in your room. These pieces take up a lot of space, but look truly amazing. Such fireplaces need some special attention when installed and will require a lot of care. They are usually placed in the middle of the room and some are used for other purposes. If they are not high enough, you can use them as an additional shelf. The […]

The best photos fireplace decor for your house

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Fireplace Mantle Wedding Decorfireplace decor with tvHalloween fireplace decor with a vintage lookFireplace Decorating Home Design Photos

Fireplace decor is a very important part of the room design. Whenever you decide to get such piece in your room, you will need to spend a lot of time contemplating how to decorate it. Hearth often becomes the centerpiece of any space it is installed in. Accordingly a lot of attention is given to its appearance. Of course, there are some very simple and unnoticeable models. However, home owners usually spend a lot of […]

37 a lot of pictures fireplace tiles

A tin-tile fireplace surround
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A great way to decorate your fireplace is to use fireplace tiles. Most people like to go for bricks, stone, limestone, wood and metal. Some opt for no surrounds at all. But many forget about the beautiful way tiles can look. Take some time to browse these options to get a better idea of how great your hearth might appear with such mantels. This material is easy to install and easy to clean. You will […]

Fireplace cover for your home

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When your fireplace is not on, you might experience unpleasant drafts coming from it, which will make your room cold. That’s why you need to consider a fireplace cover. This obviously goes for pieces, which have a chimney and are connected to the outside. Electric heaters don’t need a screen. There are many different colors to make your fireplace look amazing, even when it is not use. Many people go from glass doors. They allow […]

The best 30 photos brick fireplace

brick fireplace
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Creating the design for your hearth is not always an easy job. It is a good idea to consider a brick fireplace. In fact, these hearths are probably as popular as stone ones. They make the house look warm and comfortable and allow the home owners to fell as though they can catch a feeling of the past. Brick hearths look very neat, but they’ll not fit into just any room. If you have a […]

Ideas of how to decorate wall fireplace

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Elysium Infrared Wall Hanging Electric FireplaceWall Mount Electric Fireplacewall fireplace in bedroomStone fireplace wall

There are different ways to install a wall fireplace. One of them is a simple insert method, which is used for different types of hearths, such as gas, electric and wood burning. The other one is hanging them on the wall a s you would a TV or a painting. The first one is the most popular way, which is used by many homeowners. The second one looks very original and can be done with […]

Take a look a 33 photos ventless fireplace

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A ventless fireplace doesn’t have a flue or a chimney and is a standalone unit. This is a very comfortable option for home owners, whose house is not designed to accommodate a hearth. These models work on natural gas, which doesn’t provide an exhaustion the room they are operated in. In fact, there is some exhaust, but the levels are so low, that it is not dangerous for the habitants. There were different arguments against […]

Portable fireplace for the modern home

Loft Indoor-Outdoor Portable Fireplace
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A portable fireplace is a wonderful choice for people who want to save space and energy. The variety is truly amazing. Some of these pieces are made to be a part of other furniture such as TV stands. Others are separate and made out of wood and glass. These pieces are eclecticity operated but are made to look quite real. Some people would prefer to place such a heater in the middle of the room. […]

You can see fireplace heater for large rooms

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Electric Fireplace, Polystone Electrical Fireplace Heatersmall fireplace heaterSpitfire Tube Fireplace Heatersgas fireplace heater insert

If you have always wanted a hearth in your house, but the design or the cost don’t allow you to get an actual wood burning piece, you can go for a fireplace heater. This is a model, which looks like a real fireplace, however, it is electrically operated and does a good job heating up your room. These hearths are very popular among people, who don’t build their own houses and purchase them from someone […]

The best 34 fireplace designs for your house

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If you have decided to get a fireplace in your room, you will need to spend a lot of time contemplating the fireplace designs. Many of the hearths, especial the inserts, are sold to be quite plain. All you get is an actual heating mechanism and the rest is up to you. The cheapest design is the modern one. All you will need to do is make a place for a n insert. This up […]