Wood burning fireplace for design loggia

wood burning fireplace
Updated look on a corner wood burning stoveArtisan York Midi SE Wood Burning Stovewood burning fireplaceWood Burning Stoves Hull

A wood burning fireplace seems like a good idea when you are thinking about the future design of your home. However, this piece of equipment comes with certain hassles, which must be learned before buying it. You need to remember that your house must be designed in order to accommodate such a piece. There are many different models. Some might need to be built into a wall, which requires additional planning. However, there are also […]

34 a lot of pictures propane fireplace

propane gas fireplace
Mendota Gas & Propane FireplacesRegency-Propane-fireplace-with-ledgestonepropane gas fireplacepropane fireplace

If you are about to buy a propane fireplace you might be afraid of all the additional work your house will require to accommodate one. However, there is no reason to be scared of the inconvenience. There is almost none. The modern models don’t require too much additional preparation. The installation is quite easy. While you will still need a professional to help you, it will not be a hard task as it usually is […]

Fireplace hearth to create comfort in the house

Fireplace Hearth tile
hearth fireplace insertsgas fireplace hearthsgas fireplace hearth ideasFireplace Hearth Stone Ideas Fireplace Hearth Stone

A fireplace hearth will become a wonderful part of your house design, if you are ready to take good care of it. This wood burning piece is usually made with stone surrounds and is manufactured to execute the function of a classical hearth. In order to install such a piece in your room, your house design must accommodate it. This constructions must be checked by the professionals for safety properties. So, before buying a hearth, […]

You can see 30 photos modern fireplace

propane gas logs fireplace insert
Modern Fireplace modern-living-roomsimple modern decorative fireplace screenspropane gas logs fireplace insertModern fireplace with sunburst clock overhead

When you are thinking about a fireplace, you must be imagining something large and made out of stone. However, a modern fireplace will surely surprise you. If you are into modern room styling, you will really appreciate the up to date models offered on the market. Take a loot a sleek inserts which don’t need any surrounds. Yes, mantels seem to be a thing of the past. Nowadays, simplicity is in style. So, you can […]

Corner fireplace for a small rooms

corner fireplace designs with tv above
Corner Fireplace Home Design Photoscorner electric fireplace insertcorner fireplaceCorner-Fireplace-in-a-Corner

If you have always wanted to get a hearth, but were afraid it will take up too much space in your room, you can consider getting a corner fireplace. These models are especially designed to be space efficient. At the same time they look just as great as any other ones. Due to their construction, they don’t take up too much of the space in front of them. You can choose from different models. There […]

Stone fireplace for home decoration

Field stone Fireplace
Stone Fireplace Surround Home Design PhotosDo-it-Yourself Stacked Stone FireplaceBeautiful Stone Fireplaces That RockAn Example Of The Comiso Faux Stone Installed

A stone fireplace is an amazing idea for large living rooms. These models look very impressive and give your room’s atmosphere a special feeling. The warmth such hearths emanate even without being turned on is amazing. Just taking a glance at one of these pieces takes you back to the times when people used to spend on evenings in front of one fireplace, drinking tea and telling stories. Many people dream about getting such a […]

Take a look a 30 photos fireplace accessories

where to buy fireplace accessories
where to buy fireplace accessoriesSample of Stone County Fireplace AccessoriesFireplace and Stove AccessoriesTop quality fireplace accessories to customize your fireplace

Once you have purchased and installed a fireplace, the tough job is over and the fun part starts. Spend some quality time looking for fireplace accessories. There are so many different interesting accessories for your hearth out  there. Start with a tool set. Such sets usually contain a shovel, tongs, poker and a broom. All these tools are either placed on a stand or are sold separately for further hanging at your convenience. Some people […]

Photos to help you choose fireplace tools

Hanging Fireplace Tool Set
fireplace tool setinstall gas fireplaceCrest Flat Guard Fireplace Screen And Tool SetPewter Floral Scroll Fire Tools

Fireplace tools are very important to taking proper care of your hearth. So, when you are buying a fireplace, make sure to shop for the instruments as well. Even if you hearth is electric and you don’t really need the tools, no problem.  You can still buy them for decorative purposes. No matter how functional hearths are, they are usually considered to be decorative. Accordingly, the more decorative things you buy for them, the better […]

The best 30 fireplace surrounds

Large Wooden Fire Surround
Fireplace Surrounds Absolute ConcreteWorks Poulsbomarble fireplace surround washington dcLarge Wooden Fire Surroundireplace-surrounds runner image

When you are choosing a fireplace, you must also be browsing fireplace surrounds. There is a large choice of the pieces which will be surrounding your hearth. Usually they come in ready sets. First of all you should choose the material you want the mantels to be made out of. Your choice will probably revolve around marble, stone and wooden pieces. There are some plastic options, but they are usually not popular. However, they are […]

You can see 30 fireplace mantel

electric fireplace mantel
Fireplace Mantel Shelves Ideas A Furniture InteriorsDIY Fireplace MantelAllentown Fireplace Mantelnapoleon cast stone fireplace mantel

If you are about to get an indoor hearth, you are probably choosing a fireplace mantel as well. This decorative feature, which will surround the actual piece, is very important to the way you room will look. Mantels come in all shapers and sizers and are made out of different materials. You can get wooden, stone or plastic ones. Consider the way your room is decorated. First choose the material and then go for the […]