What you need to know about barbecue?


Often there is the confusion in difference of bbq firebox from grill or from another device for cooking products on coals. In particular, the barbecue is much more difficult device. Due to many features of design, barbecue allows to expand functionally the menu which can be prepared in such a way. The main benefit before a brazier is an opportunity to regulate distance between coals and products which prepare on coals. Such special option is […]

Cast stone fireplaces as not costly but beautiful decorative solution


Observation of fire is really pleasant pastime and will become even more pleasant if to enjoy it with cast stone fireplace. The construction of all fireplaces is approximately identical: portal, cast stone fireplace hearth. Portals for them are made from the most different materials. The fireplace or fire chamber (fire box) is that part of chimney in which fire burns. There can be placed wood, coal or special types of fuel which burn without smoke. […]

A wonderful alternative of traditional fireplaces


Installation of classical fireplace in modern apartments is quite difficult for number of various reasons. Existence of home chimney is very desirable to many people therefore there is a fine alternative –contemporary electric fireplace. This device is very realistic imitates a flame therefore creates the cozy and comfortable atmosphere indoors. There are several kinds of such heating devices. Contemporary electric fireplaces wall mount will be the excellent choice for an interior in minimalism or hi-tech […]

The variety in the style of modern fireplaces design


Now to replace classical style of fireplaces decoration come the contemporary fireplace mantels. Such tendency has begun some years ago when modern style came back and soon transformed into hi-tech style. There was a gradual departure from a traditional fireplace concept as the source of heat and cosiness. It became bright accent in an interior which surely drew general attention to it. At the time of modernist style dawn the chimney form already began to […]

Fireplacemantel – as central decorative element

corner-fireplace-mantel-decorcorner-fireplace-mantels-2Traditional fireplace mantelantique-corner-fireplace-mantel

The corner fireplace mantels is the most noticeable part of an angular design, its choice must be careful and well thought over. Angular fireplaces are very popular now because they design makes possible to place them even in small room and with it to save some free place. There is a big variety of chimney mantels options which are presented in a large number at the world market. Therefore to purchase the mantel suitable to […]

Types of grates for grilling and their use


You love the food made on grill and often spend time with the company? Then, most likely you already thought about purchasing of high-quality fire pit grill grate. It is an irreplaceable thing for cooking dishes on the fresh air. There is a huge set of different types of grill grates. Lattices for grill are made most often from cast iron, steel and various metal alloys. But perhaps the pig-iron grate is the most high-quality […]

Incredibly convenient tabletop grill


If you are often preparing a grill then most likely you already think about acquisition of fire pit grill table. And it is quite clear because thanks to such device it will be much simpler to you to cook the favorite dish. This explains from the fact that work of table for griddle is directed to a maximum of convenience and comfort during cooking. Now you don’t need to care about the place of fire […]

Fire-pit ring – beautiful and useful item for garden and yard


There is a huge set of variations for fire pit ring insert. Among them there are most usual options, and models with additional parameters. This device for a fire-pit is used in order that fire didn’t overstep certain bounds. It can be shipped in hole which is dug out in advance or to be covered with bricks, for example. The ring can be used as independent device or in combination with other elements. As the […]

Practical and extravagant table with fire for barbecue


You love extraordinary and comfortable things or like sit-round gathering with friends at the fresh air? Then fire pit table and chairs probably is one of the best options for you. Many people already feel all charm from use of this set of furniture. And it is quite justified because all qualities of such set won’t leave indifferent anybody. The main feature consists in a table-top which has potential to kindle fire. Such unusual property […]

The unusual combination of table and fire


Purchasing the fire table patio set will be perfect decision for fans of unusual things. Fire in the middle of a table-top is really surprising design decision which is capable to interest many. Due to such impressive visual effect this table is obviously distinguished from a great number of others. It has really memorable unique style. Therefore if you looked for original furniture, then, perhaps, it is one of the best options. Also in addition […]