The variety of design for corner fireplaces


Actually such item as corner fireplace designs isn’t less important, than functionality of whole device. Many years ago the fireplace was an integral part of practically any house because chimney performed many functions. It is natural that the main was the heating of house. The chimney was so universal that in it was possible even to cook food. But such possibility was available only to wealthy owners therefore it was considered as luxury more, than […]

Modern corner gas fireplaces


Corner gas fireplace is an excellent option for installation in small apartments. Because often mounting of traditional chimney places in multiple-dwelling houses are hard to be made, but many inhabitants want to set this device at their home. Such fireplace becomes an excellent alternative of classical chimney and in some parameters can be even better than them. Corner gas fireplace modern has many advantages in comparison with other options from this category. First of all […]

Bright element for fireplace decoration


Now there are a large numbers of accessories for fireplace and one of them are decorative fireplace screens. It will be a great room protection from coals and flame sparks. In addition to protection, this device can perform other functions also. For example, it can increase overall performance of the heating device considerably. In case of its correct installation can be achieved better warming of room. Also similar devices can be used not only for […]

Fire table – make it by your own hands


One of the most pleasant things in summer is to invite relatives and friends on visit and to sit and communicate around diy fire pit table. This is very pleasant feeling to watch on fire which will want to be tested by everyone. It is possible to make such desk by own hands and therefore let’s try to analyze some options of these tables. Such desks are convenient, multipurpose and ideally fit into interior. They […]

Comfort from accommodation of corner electric fireplaces


Electric corner fireplace this is heating device which can be placed conveniently in small-sized house. Because its installation located room corner, that gives a chance save room free place for convenient placement of furniture. At the modern market the big range of these products is presented. Therefore there is always an opportunity to choose the version of heating device suitable for you by form, design and material. Electric chimney places have a number of benefits […]



Today electric fireboxis the one of the most interesting and universal decisions among many fireplaces. It is caused by the fact that this heating system seriously differs from analogs. Thanks to the fact that for its work electricity is used, such chimney place has many unique benefits. These benefits are connected with safety, comfort and multifunctionality. The electric fireplace is the one of simplest in installation. Because a fire chamber rather reliable, she doesn’t require […]

The importance of the electric fireplacemantel


Existence of beautiful and qualitative electric fireplace mantelsis very important for giving to device the similarity of real chimney. For performance of this design are often used the same basic materials, as for creation of traditional fireplace casing. It will allow the device to fit better into interior and also to become its main element. Now there is a big range of various casings therefore the choice of suitable option will be not difficult. In […]

Fireplace boxas very important and necessary element of the heating device


Fireplace boxis the most important part of any fireplace because in it happens combustion of fuel with the subsequent allocation of heat which warms up the room. There are rather large number kinds of chimney fire chambers which rather strongly differ from each other. Depending on production material it can be brick, pig-iron and stone fire chambers. Also fire chambers can differ by burning center arrangement to opened and closed devices. Fireplace boxes for wood […]

An interesting variant of the modern fireplace


Installation of classical fireplace in the normal multi-storey building is unattainable luxury. But it is not the reason to be upset, fireplace candelabrais an excellent solution for this situation. Such false-fireplace can be installed practically in any room. The portal of the fireplace can be made from the most various materials. The most available and often used is gypsum cardboard. The portal can have the most various forms, but it is desirable that it is […]

Construction ofthe fireplace – exciting and interesting employment


Fireplace constructionis rather difficult and costly work which not everyone is able to afford. However if after all you still decided to make it, then finally it is possible to receive excellent result. Before starting designing or construction of fireplace, it is necessary to understand how works its device carefully. The traditional fireplace has a design seem to regular furnace, but only with open fire chamber. Heating of room is performed by radiant energy which […]