Tool for fireplacequality work


Fireplace fanare high-technology devices which improve operability of fireplaces. Their work provides the high-quality draft in fireplace and prevents smoke intrusion into the room. There are several types of fireplace fan kit which differs by functionality and appointment in general. For example there are fans which are used for allocation of hot air. Such fan is installed directly in system of ductworks and provides allocation of hot air on them. Operation of such ventilators is […]

Frontal fireplace in modern interior


Fireplace frontsare the most popular model among big variety of chimney places. Existence of such chimney place will bring comfort, coziness and heat in any interior. Frontal chimney places have set of the positive sides. First of all it is possibility of mounting fireplace in already ready construction of building. That means that such chimney place doesn’t require house construction changes – it mount near partition-wall at its center on order the heat was spread […]

Fireplace made of glass – great variant for modern interiors


To create comfort and coziness in their house many people install the chimney place. There is big variety of such heating devices, but fireplace glass must be allocated separately. This device can be installed practically in any house or apartment. There are three kinds of such fireplaces. They can be “floor”, “wall” and “table” depending on their place of installation. Floor chimney places in turn are divided on stationary and portable. Stationary floor fireplaces very […]

The importance of fireplacefacing


Because fireplace often is the one of central elements of interior its appearance is very important. Therefore you should always be attentive to its facing surfaces, which is performed by a fireplace kits. Stone is one of the most popular materials for decoration of fireplace. It has many advantages in comparison with other decoration materials. Such material is completely safe for health because in case of its heating there will be no extraction of toxic […]

Fire bowlsand their purpose


Thegas fire bowl– now is very popular subject of the landscape decor because such device can be perfectly added to almost any exterior and become its bright accent. For creation of such jorums the most various materials can be used. Most often bowls made of stone, metal or ceramics. The most universal and convenient of materials is the stone, because such jorums have high durability and reliability. Options from processed stone and with the wild […]

The fabulous tables with fire


Gas fire tablewas always one of the most interesting ideas for backyard. Such element of furniture has not only esthetic value as regular ornament. In addition to impressive appearance this desk also has broad functionality. Thanks to a flame which blazes directly on a table-top it is possible to be warmed or cook food. In addition, fire can become quite good replacement to artificial lighting at night. But the main feature of this desk is […]

One of the most important parts of the fireplace – hearth


One of the main components of any chimney is hearth fireplace. Whole efficiency and quality of work of such heating system in general depends on it. Therefore its careful choosing and correct installation is the key to long useful life of a fireplace. Fire chambers can be made of different materials or their combinations. However it is possible to emit some of the most popular materials for production of fire chambers which are used most […]

Luxurious marble fireplaces


The fireplace often plays not only the role of heating system, but also occupies a serious part of house interior. If you want to achieve the maximum visual effect from fireplace, then it is worth paying attention to marble fireplace surround. In certain cases the chimney place is addition to already existing, adjusted system of heating. Therefore after installation the fireplace performs more decorative function. If you want have the really impressive decoration of your […]

Saving space and resources with the embedded electric fireplace


Modern electric fireplace insertis one of the most popular versions of heating devices. The main benefit is that its installation doesn’t require more place than a picture of same size. It is mounted by fire chamber in specially prepared niche in a wall, and its portal practically doesn’t protrude its limits. There are a large number of kinds of modern electric fireplace. Of course it is possible to find versions of only decorative plan, but […]

An indispensable element of the Mediterranean style – fire bowl forpools


Fire bowls for pools this is an excellent and original decision which will be pleasant to a great number of fans of such unusual combination of fire and water. All this devices looks surprisingly harmoniously, though it is a little unusual. Such systems look like fire burns directly on water and that of course will interest and surprise anyone. Besides visual impressive effect the bowl with fire and falls has directly extremely useful property connected […]