Unique table with bowl for fire


Fire pit table set is surprising furniture for your yard. If you wanted really original decision connected with fiery element, but still finally haven’t decided in choice, then it is desirable to pay attention on this set. Mostly it includes table and chairs with already mounted bowl for ignition of fire. Buying such ready set, you will get at once a complete furniture complex with installation for safe cultivation of the improvised campfire directly on […]

Compact firebox stove – maximum comfort in the wild nature


It is unconditional that firebox stove is one of the most useful things in any backpacking. Thanks to high-quality materials and modern technologies the product is top-level and has mass of positive sides. From benefits and distinguishing properties on the market of tourist plates this should be noted by unprecedented compactness and simplicity in transporting. Therefore firebox plate is one of the best decisions in this category. Such properties and benefits are caused by materials […]

Bellows– an integral part of fireplacequality work


If you think about purchasing and installation of fireplace, you shouldn’t forget that its long-term work requires careful maintenance which is carried out by means of special accessories. One of the tools that facilitate work with fireplace is the fireplace bellows. This accessory serves as a means to blow the coals to the flames burst into a blaze fast as much as possible. Since the work of fireplace bellow is quite important and needed very […]

Fender as a practical element of protection from open fire


Obligatory element of any fireplace is fireplace fender. It is intended to make barrier from fire, but also can be used not only for this purpose. Due to its design, such element plays very important role in an overall picture of fireplace as its integral part. There is a huge variety various accessories for fireplaces at the market so it is possible to choose the most suitable for you without any problems. The main thing […]

The variety of setsfor fireplace facing


At decoration of your housing the fireplace mantel kits plays rather important role. It is not only system for house heating, but also peculiar central element of an interior. Therefore it is impossible to create the finished style in the room if not all in it are in harmony with each other. After paying due attentions to the faux stone fireplace surround kits you can bring a special flair to the design of your home, […]

The importance of the fireplacepreliminary grading design


In the process of mounting a fireplace it is rather important not only to follow fire safety regulations, but also organize fireplace mantel surround. It becomes an indivisible element of interior design, and possible even its central figure. Therefore, having approached with due gravity to this stage, you will be able to organize a harmonious combination of elements of the interior up to adequate level. The successful design and skillfully chosen style will please you […]

How to successfully choose the mantelfor fireplace


Importance of fireplace mantels and surroundsshouldn’t be underestimated because they both can become the central element of all interior or to ruin it if not to draw due attention to them. Therefore before purchase it is worth to consulting with knowing people, professionals of this sphere. Or try to trust in the internal feeling and intuition if you are sure in own forces. The main thing to you at the choice process is the quality […]

Mantelshelf– essential part of the interior


Fireplace shelf is a remarkable addition and decoration part of almost any fireplace. It makes a fireplace more attractive as interior element, and also can be an excellent place for installation of interesting objects for decor (figures, photos and vase). There is a set of options of shelves design. The most convenient variant is fireplace mantel shelf because these elements are executed in one style and have very harmoniously appearance. Also it is very convenient […]

Irreplaceable compact solution for tourists


If you like to travel and you often being in nature, if you hunter or fisherman, then extremely useful for you will be the folding firebox which main benefits are compactness, small weight and usability. Most likely, if you have occasion to travel outdoors and make camping, then you surely faced a problem with cooking and creation of fire. Thanks to modern innovation with the titaniumfolding firebox stove you will forget about all difficulties connected […]

Galvanized ring for bonfire – an excellent protection from fire in outdoor recreation time


Galvanized fire pit ring is intended for safe build of campfire at the yard and outdoors. If you often have to make fire or to do a grill, then such construction for you will be just necessary. It is especially important that fire won’t be able to extend for certain borders, and children and adults won’t get injuries and burns. You will be able suit a warm evening sit-round gathering near the bonfire at any […]