Interesting variant of bonfire simulation


If you like to spend time near the fire, but do not want to spend time to the purchase of coal, spend money and effort to installation and ignition of the fireplace or barbecue, then gas fire pit burner is a great option for you. This device has simple construction with pipes made from heat resisting material to which gas is brought. Such construction can be installed practically in any place convenient for you. There […]

Comfortable and good replacement variant of standard brazier


Many people like to gather outdoors in a big circle of friends and relatives for the holiday or an event celebration. The indian fire bowlis very simple and practical device that can make such meetings more convenient. This unit has handy and intuitive design. In its form it is similar to kettle but only in larger size. Indian fire bowl set consists from bowl and legs in which it is fixed. The design often made […]

Exotic decor of apartments


Many people give preference to existence of exotic things in the interior because that makes it unusual and rememberable. One of such bright elements is indoor fire bowl – the remarkable, eco-friendly and practical decision for room decor. This device is an excellent alternative to a fireplace, because there are many situations when installation of a classical fireplace is impossible, but still have strong wish for a similar cosiness. Depending from material the bowl and […]

Marble fireplace – the perfect solution for comfortable interior


If you thought about delightful design of the room with fireplace, then marble fireplace mantel will become its best decoration. Scientists noticed that marble was extracted used in life by our ancestors since ancient times. It was the symbol of wealth, power and high rank, such expensive material could afford not many. And now, today marble didn’t lose the value for people, and thanks to its special natural characteristics is highly valued during many centuries. […]

Fireplaces from different periods of history and their benefits


If you look for the successful decision in creation of practical and original interior, then availability of period fireplaces will be most welcome. Because the fireplace was been a central object any interior for a long time, its choosing always must be made very carefully. In modern world the market has a huge range of fireplaces to choose made in any style and configuration. There is always an opportunity to purchase that device which will […]

Fire bowls –original idea for pool design


Probably, pool fire bowls will be the most extraordinary decor element for your pool. Such bright accessory will please you with its look and will make happy your guests. Not so often it is possible to meet a harmonious combination of water and fire, but thanks to these bowls everything looks not only originally, but also very interesting. But besides the visual effect there is also a practical side. Water always since the Ancient Times […]

Fire pit burner – device for creation of the improvised bonfire or fireplace


If you like to spend evenings in a circle of the company near a fire, but you don’t want every time to look for the place for flame and to buy means for it ignition, then acquisition of propane fire pit burner will become the good decision. This device represents a torch with gas which has various configurations and can be mounted on convenient and suitable for this construction place. Such device can be used […]

Rectangular table with live fire – good addition to the backyard


If you look a table for yard on which possible to fix fire, then rectangular fire pit table will be one of the best options because in this product originality, beauty and practicality are combined. And there are not many objects of furniture which can harmoniously combine in them all these unique qualities. And any other table won’t be able to brag of the one feature – live fire directly on a table-top. The general […]

Popular minimalist rectangular tables with bowl for fire


Not the first year a trend on rectangular fire table enslave hearts of users who wanted the really original pieces of furniture for backyard. It is easily explained by the fact that there are yet no analogs of so innovative device in the market. The wonderful combination of design and practical side in combination of fire and dining table strikes minds those who already get acquainted with this miracle of the engineering idea. This device […]

Fantastic table with live fire


Rather quite good way to add original changes in decoration of your backyard is the fire table set installation. This will not only diversifies appearance and landscape of the yard but also will add to it little more functionality. In comparison with usual desks fire table directly in the middle of table-top have fire burns. Of course such novelty will surprise any, even the most prejudiced judge of design. In such table simplicity and functionality, […]