The variety of devices for products smoking

firebox-for-bbq-smokerfirebox-for-smoker-grillfor smokerfirebox-for-offset-smoker

Firebox for smoker is the excellent device by means of which it is possible to add to products unique relish and unforgettable aroma. The principle of work is in that the products absorb special smoke from briquettes and by that becomes smoked. All fumatorys differ by smoking type, kind of heating elements for their work, form of the smoking shed and its place. By smoking type this devices can be separated on hot and cold […]

An excellent analogue of traditional fireplace


All know that firebox insert are most convenient for placement in the house. But not always even such type of a fireplace can be installed in some constructions, including multiple-dwelling because fire safety regulations and construction regulations is prohibit doing this. But at the same time many people loving pleasant heat from chimney place and look of flame tongues. One of the most acceptable, options probably is firebox insert electric. Of course, it is not […]

Chimney cap as an important component of any fireplace


If you use the fireplace in the house then for certain you thought about high-quality protection of the house against combustion products. For this purpose there are special devices – flues which shall be supplied with fireplace chimney cap. Such device as smoke hole is excellent protection against sparks, rainfall and wind because they can damage a chimney pipe considerably. In the investigation of what it will cease to perform its work qualitatively. All smoke […]

Damper for chimney place and its appointment


If you are happy owner of the fireplace, then most likely you know with what products from burning problems you can meet. So in any fireplace must be such special detail as fireplace damper. With its help ignition of flame and removal the products of burning can be made in quick time. This screen by means of which draft is regulated located in the flue. In case of the beginning of ignition it must be […]

Varieties of the fireplace inserts and importance of their correct choice


Basic element of any chimney place is fireplace firebox. Therefore it is required approach to its choice with the maximum responsibility because due to its work comfort and cosiness from whole fireplace are provided. Walls of chimney fire chamber are made of strong, fire-resistant material and further working lifespan depends on its characteristics and also quality of work of all heating system. More often you can found the pig-iron or bricks fireplace firebox. Such fire […]

Tools for quality care of fireplace


In order to the fireplace serve to you a longer term, it is necessary to organize high-quality and correct care of it. For this purpose special fireplace tool set are used. Several objects often are included in the package of such tools. These objects are united by means of which uniform allocation of the flame on logs is provided. And also there are devices by means of which direct dry cleaning of the chimney furnace […]

Campfire bowl as excellent choice forfansof original design

bio-gel-fire-bowlsgel fire bowls outdoorgel-fuel-fire-pit-bowlgel-burners-fire-bowls

The gel fire bowl will help you to diversify rest out-of-town. Observation of fire tongues creates feeling of proximity to the nature, weakens and helps to get thoughts together. In winter time to watch on flame the fireplace is the best of all. But in summer time the fireplace will be inappropriate and the basin with fire on gel fuel will hit the mark for this purpose. There are can be gel fire bowls outdoor […]

The advantages of granite fireplaces


Granite fireplaceis one of the most widespread versions of heating devices of such type. Since very old times such fireplaces were used for heating of rooms and for creation in them the cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Now these devices didn’t lose their value. Granite fireplaces have all those characteristics which must possess the high-quality device for heating. This natural stone has the high level of fire resistance that is very important for long work of […]

The importance of area near fireplace design


In fact, inglenook fireplace is the place at a chimney which has in small cavity in a wall. To it certainly should be given enough attention, often no less than chimney itself. This cavity can be equipped with everything you need for high-quality work of the chimney place. Beginning from decoration and finishing with accessories. Earlier such arrangement of chimney place was characteristic only for old constructions. Now it can be found in public establishments […]

Fire bowls – safeanalogue ofcampfire


Large fire bowl is a convenient and available to any way to spend safely time near a campfire. This device can be installed directly in backyard or in house garden. The excellent decision for fans interesting in cheerfully spend time at nature near a fire. The bowl device for fire is executed in such a way that allows making fire without damage to lawn and wooden constructions of the yard. At ignition of a usual […]