Limestone as a material for lining of fireplaces


For lining of fireplaces the most various natural and artificial materials can be used. The most widespread is wooden, granite, brick, marble and limestone fireplace. Due to properties of these facing materials such heating devices have presentable appearance and focus general attention on them. Limestone is a solid with an organic origin which has the mass of positive sides. It has not only an attractive appearance, but also has useful, curative properties. This material is […]

The indispensable metal cover for a fire pit


One of the simplest accessories for barbecue and fire pits is metal fire pit coveror lid. At first sight this is just usual cover, but on the other hand difficult to overestimate its importance to fire pit. Of course, the hole can be covered with various make-shifts. But it is quite possible that this decision won’t be able to become full replacement. Made from special metal lid is much more convenient than all the things […]

Patio furniture with the possibility tokindle fireright on the table


Maybe you are already familiar with patio furniture with fire pit table and have a clue of such interesting decision for backyard. Since ancient times fire was value for people and been venerated as gift of gods. With technological progress people became not only smarter but also their relation to fire is changed. The flame was used for the most various needs from tobacco smoking and to work of the huge plants and spaceships. The […]

Prefabricated fireplaces – an incredibly easy-to-mount constructions


Most often fireplaces divide on the classical with bricklaying and prefab fireplace. The main feature of prefab fireplaces is the modularity. This is means that they consist from separate details which with ease can be mounted. Also installation and matching of components is rather simple due to commonality of details. The sizes of the details are identical in one model range. Such decision is very convenient so you can collect the personal combination from various […]

Unusual and practical decorating of yardand apartments


To create the atmosphere of cosiness in apartments or backyard it isn’t obligatory to purchase expensive, intricate accessories. Availability of table top fire bowl makes possible to enjoy the comforting picture of the dancing tongues of flame which will always help to relax, have a rest. Near such design it is pleasant gather together with friends and close to you people. This device by form and design reminds kettle or bowl which is mounted on […]

Elegant victorian fireplace – good purchase for room decor


Thevictorian fireplace is the embodiment of classical English style. It since the Queen Victoria rule was necessary in any dwelling, and its value was indisputable. Earlier the fireplace was an obligatory element of any housing, was the unique source of heating of the room. By today its role considerably changed. Of course, now fireplaces are also used but with development of technologies they gave way to new, more energy efficient systems. So they pass into […]

Wood burner as excellent form of individual heating


Wood burning firebox can be a quite full replacement for gas heating systems. Such fire chamber has rather simple design but on the other hand this device is very energy efficient. It will be able to warm the several rooms or even a whole house freely. In some houses this type of alternative heating is only-begotten from all possible. With many years of technological progress the wood burning firebox insert became more convenient in application […]

Fireplaces with zero gap – an incredible handy solution for your home


You shouldn’t be upset if the free space of your house doesn’t allow you to install classical brick chimney place. Zero clearance gas fireplace is the effective and beautiful solution for this situation. The main benefit is easiness in installation in comparison with other types of chimney places, and economy of the free place. It is performed because installation of such heating system is made directly in house framework and also doesn’t need preliminary cardinal […]

Multifunctional and convenient devices


The copper fire pits are very unusual devices which are not only plays the decorative role but also perform a set of functions. These devices are often provided in several options. The most popular model is copper fire pit bowl. Such design is completely made of copper. This material is quite thin, but in same time rather strong and steady against mechanical damages. This metal isn’t suffering corrosion therefore such bowl has quite long working […]

Beauty in simplicity of modern campfire pits


If you like refinement and laconicism in everything, then modern outdoor fire pitis what you need. Such fire-pits are definitely differing from the others by recognizable, distinguished style. The design is successfully balances between simplicity and minimalism that was reflected in shape, color and even material. Lack of decorative elements and bright accents makes decoration of a fire-pit more reserved and strict. But on the other hand, the appearance in it has a special highlight. […]