Chimney cap as an important component of any fireplace


If you use the fireplace in the house then for certain you thought about high-quality protection of the house against combustion products. For this purpose there are special devices – flues which shall be supplied with fireplace chimney cap. Such device as smoke hole is excellent protection against sparks, rainfall and wind because they can damage a chimney pipe considerably. In the investigation of what it will cease to perform its work qualitatively.

All smoke holes very much differ in their form. Standard smoke holes made like some type of a lodge which is placed on flue top. It looks very accurately and beautifully. Also now smoke holes in the form of a lodge but with a round roof gain great popularity. By means of such roof more powerful draft and high-quality ventilation is provided. Also often these products are equipped with weather vanes which also have vintage chimney cap. Due to this small addition the chimney pipe looks much more vividly. And the look of whole house becomes brighter and original.


The smoke hole design depending on model that can significantly differ. So therewith functionality of the device will differ too. For example almost all smoke holes are equipped by drip edge in order to protect a flue from moisture. Also many models have the opening cap cover in their design. It significantly facilitates cleaning of a pipe, allowing not sorting completely all design. Also some universal chimney cap premium class is equipped with so-called second bottom. This additional element made in the form of screen which perfectly keeps the device from ice accretion and formation of icicles in frosty season also this screen gives protection of covering from damage.

The great value in high-quality work of smoke hole plays material of which it is made. Very often for production of such devices copper is used. This material is very steady against adverse factors, and will perfectly serve you a long time. The devices made of this material are in good harmony with an overall picture of the house. Therefore they will be good addition to it. Majestic fireplace chimney caps which are very often made of galvanized iron. Such products are covered by means of the polymeric materials suitable on color to a house roof and that also quite perfectly and pleasantly look supplementing an overall picture of house.


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