The variety in the style of modern fireplaces design


Now to replace classical style of fireplaces decoration come the contemporary fireplace mantels. Such tendency has begun some years ago when modern style came back and soon transformed into hi-tech style. There was a gradual departure from a traditional fireplace concept as the source of heat and cosiness. It became bright accent in an interior which surely drew general attention to it. At the time of modernist style dawn the chimney form already began to prevail over contents. Changes in decoration of fireplaces are characterized by use of precious and semiprecious stones with a presence of asymmetry and not hidden emphasis on luxury, wealth, elements in the form of bizarre shapes, lines. But the main goal of all of this is to amaze, impress and change already settled canons. But only with hi-tech style arrival is started full transition to modern decoration and design. Simple, minimalistic figures, outlines, almost full refusal from any various elements dressing.

Today in present-day style it is possible to see lines from modern style, hi-tech and even classics. The design most often is based not on the one current, but on several combined and complementing each other. In modern style there is a reconsideration of the old ideas that gives them chance of a second wind. Therefore modern fireplaces have rather original appearance with unusual dressing.


For example use of contemporary fireplace mantels frommetal became more popular after the technological revolution. It symbolized full conquest and absolution of this heating element and using it mostly in the design purposes. Thanks to this now we can see new forms of mantels decoration which is unprecedented earlier. They can be processed by means of special technics which give to the heating device originality and beauty.

In design of fireplaces it is possible to choose individually everything from a form of the fire chamber and to the modern wood fireplace mantel shelves. It is possible to choose those elements which are suitable for specific interior. Also you should note that it is possible to purchase already full contemporary fireplace mantel kits easily. In this set skillful designers have already taken care of everything and made harmonious connection of all details.


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