Modern corner gas fireplaces


Corner gas fireplace is an excellent option for installation in small apartments. Because often mounting of traditional chimney places in multiple-dwelling houses are hard to be made, but many inhabitants want to set this device at their home. Such fireplace becomes an excellent alternative of classical chimney and in some parameters can be even better than them.

Corner gas fireplace modern has many advantages in comparison with other options from this category. First of all by means of such chimney place it is possible to save many of free space in the room with ease because often it is mounted in not used room corner. This is excellent heating device which for short period can warm rather big room. If the fireplace is installed on joint of two walls it can provide simultaneous heating of two adjacent rooms. Also at the expense of its original structure, it is possible to watch on flame from various corners of the room. This device, is completely safe, and fuel environmentally friendly. There is always an opportunity to adjust flame force and by that to control air temperature indoors. Also during its work it isn’t emitted toxic substances and products of burning. With respect of this cleaning of this device is minimized.


There are many options of installation of such fireplaces. By this the insert corner gas fireplace and wall mounted devices are especially popular. The built-in options are mounted with fire chamber in specially prepared niche, and their frontal surface is practically at one level with a wall. The portal of this chimney place can be revetted by means of various materials, and also is originally decorated. Such kind of chimney place is one of the most small-sized options, looks very unusually and stylishly. Fireplaces which are installed near wall have larger sizes therefore will occupy much more space. Their benefit is in that they can be installed at any time and to any room because installation of such fireplaces doesn’t require special preparation of partition-wall.

The range of angular fireplaces is rather big and all of them differ by sizes, form, style and dressing. However before purchasing this device it is necessary to study carefully all corner gas fireplace dimensions to choose the most suitable option.


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