Bright element for fireplace decoration


Now there are a large numbers of accessories for fireplace and one of them are decorative fireplace screens. It will be a great room protection from coals and flame sparks. In addition to protection, this device can perform other functions also. For example, it can increase overall performance of the heating device considerably. In case of its correct installation can be achieved better warming of room. Also similar devices can be used not only for traditional fireplaces. Decorative fireplace screens can be mounted for protection of electric or gas fireplaces also and this makes device more universal.

Now there exists the quite big range of screens for fireplaces. Therefore it is possible to choose that option which will be suitable by stylistics for any interior. Screens can differ by material they made, and by form and design. From basic material the screen was manufactured depending its qualitative characteristics and cost. Very popular option is decorative fireplace screens from metal, because such devices can have the most various designs. There are built-in fixed or removable versions. And one more version is the compound screens. The built-in device is usually executed in similar style as fireplace been made and becomes its harmonious continuation. Their only shortcoming is inconvenience of such devices cleaning. The built-in removable constructions on contrary in cleaning are very convenient. Also in case of deformation or breakage it is rather easy to replace them. Compound screens are separate accessory for a chimney place. They have no uniform surface but contain several local panels which complete each other.


In dressing of metal screens elements of forging or etching are very often used. The forged elements can make an original composition which is perfectly supplemented in overall picture of fireplace. One more often used option is decorative glass fireplace screens. Such device can be interestingly decorated in the stained glass technic or be painted by means of special heat-resistant art.

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