Edwardian fireplaces – real found for fans of the English style


In the modern world the high-quality interior plays very important role, because correct and with taste the selected decor objects, not only have pleasantly look, but also often testify about material welfare and life quality of their owner. In the task of creating restrained and at the same time gentle and cozy interior, you can use the English style and its interesting part – edwardian fireplace, which is again gaining its popularity. The color palette used in such rooms not bright and defiant, but gentle and light. The carved, heavy furniture covered with the upholsteries decorated by floral motifs gives to the room a nobby, pompous style. Using of heavy curtains is quite pertinently together with variety of accessories in the form of massive brass candlesticks or pictures in wooden frames.

Separate part of interior in edvardian style is the fireplace. There is a set of its variants which differ from each other on a huge number of parameters. They can be made from different materials, processed by various methods and decorated with many ornamental elements. Matching of the fireplace is always performed individually with taking into account all needs of the buyer. The buyer will be able always to choose any of its components. There are very large number variations of edwardian fireplace fender, so they can be purchased in specialized shops or arranged on order. Also each buyer can independently order facing material for fireplace. For example, tiles of the edwardian fireplace well looks in any room. Such fireplace is good combined with many color schemes of the room, because the tile can be selected the most various (with patterns, drawings, gradients). This fireplace is not stands out from the general composition, but on the contrary complements it successfully.


Many manufacturers represent multipurpose models of fireplaces. Now are very popular the edwardian fire surround with mirror for installation in drawing rooms. Such fireplaces not just perform functions of heating and decor, and due to availability of mirrors also visually increase living space of room doing it is more spacious and is lighter. Of course these fireplaces are provided in higher price category, but it is completely justified by end result.

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