An indispensable element of the Mediterranean style – fire bowl forpools


Fire bowls for pools this is an excellent and original decision which will be pleasant to a great number of fans of such unusual combination of fire and water. All this devices looks surprisingly harmoniously, though it is a little unusual. Such systems look like fire burns directly on water and that of course will interest and surprise anyone.

Besides visual impressive effect the bowl with fire and falls has directly extremely useful property connected directly with water. It as we know water is symbol of the movement and changes, and for a reason. In stand water begin to grow waterweed and it becomes more muddy and dirty. If the reservoir is intended for fishes or other living things, then over time in the absence of water circulation, they can get sick. Thus bowls for fire with streamlet are oxygenating water and prevent undesirable and harmful changes in your favorite pool.


Of course, you can choose not only design, type of construction and a form, but also you have the right to choose at own will the material from which  bowl for water will be made. Depending on requirements and future service conditions to you is available: concrete bowls, bowls from copper, and also made from stainless steel. Before making choice it is better to get acquainted with some distinctions, benefits and shortcomings of each material. Concrete products are characterized as heavy and strong thanks to unique properties of concrete which also does it steady against water impact. Thanks to all of this concrete fire bowls for swimming pools it is one of the best and the most universal variant among provided options. As material copper are lighter but nevertheless it rather strong. Initially copper brilliant and bright, glint in the sun, but over time in addition will appear greenish color of patinas and that will give a special type of value, high cost and vintage look to your bowl. Cooper fire bowl for pools will please those who love things which since time becoming only better. The stainless steel is light material as well as copper, but lacks the property of acquisition patina under normal conditions. Such material is more vulnerable to corrosion especially if nearby is source of salty water. In this case it will be more preferable to stop the choice on a bowl for the pool made from copper.

By oneself stands fire bowl for pool from stone. This device looks absolutely naturally and unostentatiously, can serve a long time and also is the most environmentally friendly material from all the offered.

Being determined in advance with your preferences, you can choose a suitable option that will please you for many years.


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