Fireplace boxas very important and necessary element of the heating device


Fireplace boxis the most important part of any fireplace because in it happens combustion of fuel with the subsequent allocation of heat which warms up the room.

There are rather large number kinds of chimney fire chambers which rather strongly differ from each other. Depending on production material it can be brick, pig-iron and stone fire chambers. Also fire chambers can differ by burning center arrangement to opened and closed devices. Fireplace boxes for wood burning can be made from all above-stated materials, but pig-iron is the most often used because pig-iron has the most effective remedy to heat conductivity. It can heat up and qualitatively warm up the room quickly enough and at the same time long enough maintains high temperature, slowly cooling down.


It will help to save fuel and money spent for it. Also the fire chamber from such material has very reliable and durable design. For its installation it isn’t required making the special base therefore installation rather not difficult. But nevertheless such firebox has shortcomings. For correct operation of whole heating device it is necessary to install the flue. Because in course of burning the smoke, soot and other substances which should be utilized will be emitted inside of you house. Also such device has rather big weight and that isn’t really convenient for transportation and installation. There is a set of accessories for maintenance of such fire chamber. One of the most popular is fireplace box cover. This device is used to close firebox during its uselessness. The gate can be made from the most various materials which considerably differ by durability, reliability and decoration.

One more popular kind of fire chambers is the firebox insert for gas. This option is intermediate between wood and decorative fire chambers. The main benefit is that in operating time of such fire chamber, any products of burning aren’t allocated. Therefore maintenance of a gas firebox is rather convenient. Also for work of such fire chamber it isn’t necessary to prepare fuel in advance – enough to watch operability of gas installation periodically. Such device has rather small weight therefore installation is very easily feasible. Of course, as well as any other device the gas fire chamber has the shortcomings. One of which, and, probably, the most important is its high cost. Also installation of such furnace requires permission from special services.


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