An interesting variant of the modern fireplace


Installation of classical fireplace in the normal multi-storey building is unattainable luxury. But it is not the reason to be upset, fireplace candelabrais an excellent solution for this situation.

Such false-fireplace can be installed practically in any room. The portal of the fireplace can be made from the most various materials. The most available and often used is gypsum cardboard. The portal can have the most various forms, but it is desirable that it is well approach on style to whole room. As decoration for portal the family photos, patterns or even fresh flowers can serve. Everything depends on the imagination of designer or owner of room.


The fire chamber of false-fireplace can be made from gypsum cardboard and decorated with different elements of adornment. For example, it can be decorated by tile, mosaic or smooth surfaces. In chimney fire chamber set of candle in candlesticks are installed. Candles with different diameter have the very interesting look. Also those candles which are similar with room stylistics will be the great chose. The flavored candles grant not only visual pleasure, but also create the fantastic atmosphere filled with pleasant flavors. Also very originally look candles with LEDs. Fireplace candelabra for led candles can be chosen in any style and configuration. Such sets are very convenient in operation as they don’t require any special fire safety regulations.

There is a big range of such goods. They differ on production material, form and size. But it is necessary to approach to choice of candlesticks with special attentiveness. Quite often on shops shelves it is possible to find wrought ironfireplace candelabra. It can be small products for one candle or massive devices for several candles. Such products can have the most various and unexpected form beginning from classical form of candlesticks and finishing with the form reminding tree branch. Such candlesticks have rather long working lifespan and also high shock-resistant properties. The cooper fireplace candelabra variant is also rather popular. Due to yellowish color characteristic to this metal, such candlesticks are often stylized in semi-antique. They are in well harmony with a classical interior, bringing in it an interesting note of antiquity and greatness. Similar products can also serve long, over time becoming more and more beautifully because copper becoming covered with patina.


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