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Fireplace constructionis rather difficult and costly work which not everyone is able to afford. However if after all you still decided to make it, then finally it is possible to receive excellent result.

Before starting designing or construction of fireplace, it is necessary to understand how works its device carefully. The traditional fireplace has a design seem to regular furnace, but only with open fire chamber. Heating of room is performed by radiant energy which is transferred from warm fire chamber to the room. The main fireplace construction details are chimney pipe and fire box. Inside fire box there is special device – so-called gas threshold. Its work doesn’t allow changes in hot or cold air flows which are used for work of fireplace because this can lead to smoke spread, moisture in heating device and to sparks creation.


Also in order to correct build fireplace, it is necessary to have project and plan of work. Design of fireplace construction can be executed in two ways – by using ready-made scheme or with plan drawn by own hands. If the project will be created diy then some knowledge and abilities is required because it is necessary to make high-quality fireplace construction drawings by which needs to follow during work. It is necessary to think about free room space, quality of the base, and also be sure the your diy project is conform to all fire safety regulations. After the layout of device, it is necessary to calculate and buy all needed amount of materials for its installation and only then it is possible to start.

After installation of heating device it is possible to start its decoration. This moment needs a lot of time and attention because the fireplace often is the central element practically in any interior. Its appearance will draw attention of owners and guests therefore it shall conform to room stylistics completely. The casing of fireplace can be revetted by means of various heat-resistant materials. Natural and artificial stones, bricks, tile, plaster are belong to them. It is also possible to use jewelry in the form of photos, pictures or figurines which approach by style. These elements make whole picture of interior and will focus a bigger attention on the central object of the room – a fireplace.


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