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Fireplace fanare high-technology devices which improve operability of fireplaces. Their work provides the high-quality draft in fireplace and prevents smoke intrusion into the room.

There are several types of fireplace fan kit which differs by functionality and appointment in general. For example there are fans which are used for allocation of hot air. Such fan is installed directly in system of ductworks and provides allocation of hot air on them. Operation of such ventilators is directed to that the fireplace can heat directly several rooms. Therefore by means of it creates possibility of heating rather big houses. Also there are ventilators which provide inflow of fresh air from outdoors because often there is a problem with oxygen lack in rooms where fireplace was installed. So in that situation the installation of special, additional ductwork channel in which such ventilator is mounted is required. The fireplace fan kingsmankit for this purpose is rather popular because it has just outstanding performance of work. One more kind of chimney fans is the devices which are used for products of burning removing. In this category the fireplace fan for wood burning fireplace are generally used because wood-burning fireplaces emit many products of combustion.


Such fans can be subdivided by the devices with vertical and horizontal emission of smoke. Those ventilators which provide vertical emission of smoke are quite simple in installation and using in difference from their analogs. They are mounted on chimney pipe and throw out smoke vertically without interfering with chimney draft. Fans with horizontal emission have rather difficult design therefore products of burning are removed by special system of smokestacks. But on the other hand with such ventilator it is possible to increase the heat transfer in several times. Heat can be shared to other rooms and at the expense of that temperature in the fireplace decreases. This property allows to fireplace not to overheat and that considerably increases its working lifespan.

Before installation of chimney fans it is always necessary to remember that most of them work with the help of the electric power. Therefore it is worth taking care about capacity and functionality of your electric networks for such devices.


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