You can see 30 fireplace mantel

marble fireplace mantel

If you are about to get an indoor hearth, you are probably choosing a fireplace mantel as well. This decorative feature, which will surround the actual piece, is very important to the way you room will look. Mantels come in all shapers and sizers and are made out of different materials. You can get wooden, stone or plastic ones. Consider the way your room is decorated. First choose the material and then go for the shape and size. The most popular mistake of fireplace owners is overdoing the size of the hearth. Large models look very nice but they often don’t suit a small room. So, be careful when making measurements.

A fireplace mantel shelf is a must have for most home owners. This is a place where you will be fitting different decorative things, such as photos and figurines. Also Christmas stockings are often hanging from this shelf during holiday season. Choose the shelf to suit your needs. The size varies. It can either be rather large or just big enough to fit a picture frame. Since usually this shelf is used for small pieces, you  might not want to get a large one. However, if the fireplace itself is rather massive, then a small shelf will not look too good and you should think about getting a bigger one.

fireplace mantel shelf

You can come up with different fireplace mantel ideas and have them come to life with custom orders. Many people opt for having different hearth accessories custom made. This might be a more expensive work, however, the uniqueness of the design will really make your room look original. Consider ordering different accessories form the same manufacturer in order for your hearth to look as stylish as possible. Choosing decorations for your room is a hard task, so take some time to consider the overall style you need.

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