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If you like to travel and you often being in nature, if you hunter or fisherman, then extremely useful for you will be the folding firebox which main benefits are compactness, small weight and usability.

Most likely, if you have occasion to travel outdoors and make camping, then you surely faced a problem with cooking and creation of fire. Thanks to modern innovation with the titaniumfolding firebox stove you will forget about all difficulties connected with it. This device possesses characteristics and properties which do it just irreplaceable in any camping. Thanks to material, the product has light weight but also it is solid and steady against harmful factors. The design is constructed in order to assembly and dismantling process of such box doesn’t take long of time, and even child able to cope with these elementary manipulations. In the dismantled state the device don’t takes a lot of place and will easily be located in your marching backpack. Depending on requirements you can choose even smallest model with size from 3 to 5 inches. Such decision is directed to creation the maximum convenience and compactness without loss of practicality. Therefore if to you will be enough just small fire, then this smaller model is just for you. The multi fuel folding firebox device is also big plus. It means that as burning source you can use many types of fuel. For example, not only wood, but other types of ignition which you will find in the wild nature are suitable. The alcohol lamp, solid tablets with combustible substance, gas torches with isobutene, helium fuel and charcoal in briquettes or wood granules will also be good.


At stage of order and complement you can choose additional elements and accessories, beginning from protection and plate, finishing with fuel and case for transportation. It is worth to pay special attention on leather case for the folding firebox. It isn’t often included in the minimum package, but its availability will facilitate use and storage of device. The case is sewed from skin and looks rather presentably. Therefore if you decided to please the fan of tourism with folding firebox which is already an excellent gift, then such packaging in the form of a leather case still will become functional beautiful addition.

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