Campfire bowl as excellent choice forfansof original design


The gel fire bowl will help you to diversify rest out-of-town. Observation of fire tongues creates feeling of proximity to the nature, weakens and helps to get thoughts together. In winter time to watch on flame the fireplace is the best of all. But in summer time the fireplace will be inappropriate and the basin with fire on gel fuel will hit the mark for this purpose.

There are can be gel fire bowls outdoor and indoor variants. Such basins differ in the size and availability of a protective flask which minimizes wildfire risk.


It is possible to make a basin for yard diy and it won’t take a lot of time and forces. A little concrete, smooth polished stones, wire grid and special gel fuel will be required. After preparing solution of concrete it is necessary to take two bowls, one is than another. Fill a big basin with solution and to place in it a basin with smaller size. When concrete dries the received bowl needs to be sanded. Next put inside a piece of a wire grid. Under the grid place the reservoir with fuel. From above decorate all with stones and all done! Self-made fire basin is ready to use.

If there is no opportunity to make a basindiy, it is possible to purchase it from shop. You without effort will be able to choose it on own taste without any problem. Bowls with different sizes, forms, colors and materials is presented at the market and thanks to that they can perfectly fit into any interior. Concrete and steel variants are most popular. Concrete is convenient for production of bowls with fire because to it can be given any form. For example, devices in the form of big stones have very originally look. Steel has the same advantages but also steel bowls are more lightweight. Steel basins can be different forms and colors too and also on them it is possible to engrave any text or drawing.

Ribbed ceramic gel fire bowl are perfectly suitable as house basins. The ceramics not so strongly heats up and looks more graceful than steel and concrete. House bowls for fire usually less by the size than outdoors and also have protective glass flask. Big indoor gel fire bowlscan become a peculiar alternative to an artificial fireplace and unlike the fireplace there is no need to constantly clean crozzle and to watch that coals didn’t drop out. Gel fuel completely burns down without leaving any waste. Cleaning of such basin is performed by damp method without use of cleaners.


Bowls with flame will decorate your yard or room and will give the chance to safely watch on flame.

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